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MAN Used parts exchange

MAN Used parts exchange

At a glance

  • Utilising savings potential
    With used parts, savings of at least 35 % can be achieved compared to equivalent new replacement parts.
  • Familiar MAN quality
    For our extensive range of used parts, we only accept parts that have undergone quality control and are in perfect condition for reuse.
  • Quick availability
    Cost-effective and fast delivery throughout Germany.

A high level of reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness.

We provide you with a full range of used Genuine Parts for trucks and buses, covering the MAN, NEOPLAN and VW commercial vehicle ranges. Because MAN Genuine Parts remain in excellent overall condition, even after a heavy mileage, it is well worth your while opting for the used Genuine Parts solution. Only used MAN Genuine Parts have the quality that you know and value. Expertly checked, documented and with a guarantee for engines, axles and gearboxes on request.

Tried and trusted MAN quality – 100% quality and reliability at an unbeatable price. We offer you a comprehensive range of used parts, from axles, engines and gearboxes right through to driver’s cabs. Our used Genuine spare parts will be provided to you on request within 24 to 48 hours free of charge and nationwide. We will return the defective old part to the point of origin of the used part.

Access to used MAN Genuine spare parts

Within our premises, MAN vehicles are dismantled by qualified professionals, while prioritising environmental requirements. Each reusable spare part is subject to strict quality controls. The reliability of engines and gearboxes has to be further rubber-stamped on the test bench. Only spare parts in perfect working order are considered for reuse.

Available parts and services

Our product portfolio comprises tried-and-tested used MAN Genuine Parts at fair prices for your MAN truck or bus (MAN and NEOPLAN as well as for VW commercial vehicles). In addition, we take care of the reconditioning and repair of cabs from all series in collaboration with our service outlets, as well as the repair of engines and gearboxes in line with the current market value.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • At least 35-percent saving on comparable new replacement parts
  • Fair-value based repair of your vehicle/fleet
  • Documented quality controls
  • Tried and tested quality, including a guarantee of up to 12 months
  • Comprehensive range of used parts to help ensure swift availability
  • Nationwide ‘just in time’ delivery
  • On request, with our service operations team and service partners installed used genuine parts

We are constantly on the lookout for MAN trucks and buses, vehicles that have been involved in accidents and recyclable components to add to our range. Get in touch and our spare parts logistics team will help facilitate swift on-site processing.


Used parts exchange Trier

MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH
Used parts exchange Trier
Auf dem Adler 1
54293 Trier
Mobile: +49 175 2613297
Fax: +49 651 14714-92

Business hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: By arrangement

We are also contactable via our mobile number at any time, outside normal business hours.

Erich Nemeth
Tel: +49 651 14714-64

Frank Klemens
Tel: +49 651 14714-62

Günther Biewer
Tel: +49 651 14714-63

Thomas Dany
Tel: +49 651 14714-68

Additional MAN sites for used parts

Crailsheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Tel: +49 7951 9393-0

Fritzlar (Hesse)
Tel: +49 5622 9898-13

Vöhl/Dorfitter (Hesse)
Tel: +49 5631 5018-13/-19

Langenbernsdorf (Saxony)
Tel: +49 36608 666-15

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