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The new MAN eTGS: The eTruck for heavy-duty distribution transport

The MAN eTGS at a junction

Powerful, versatile, quiet: the new MAN eTGS

Be it for regional distribution transport, robust special applications or as an emergency vehicle for heavy loads: the new MAN eTGS is ready to bring its versatility to your daily challenges. It can be used for a wide range of applications: from a (refrigerated) box to a heel tipper, as a semitrailer or chassis. Thanks to the smooth power delivery, the ample torque from a standstill and the precise handling, the MAN eTGS offers an exceptional driving experience. And with its usable battery capacity of 480 kWh, it easily covers most industry-specific range requirements, all while remaining climate-conscious and quiet. This makes concerns about range a thing of the past.

The MAN eTGS on a construction site

Ready for extreme challenges: the MAN eTGS

  • Impressive daily ranges of up to 800 km
  • Maximum battery capacity of up to 480 kWh
  • Tailored MAN digital services included

Battery power for a daily range of up to 800 km

MAN batteries

The battery development for the new generation of MAN electric trucks is setting new standards: With the new MAN eTGS, daily ranges of between 600 and 800 km are already possible with the maximum usable battery capacity of 480 kWh thanks to fast charging systems, recuperation and intelligent use of break times for intermediate charging. This is because, with the new megawatt charging at up to 750 kW, it only takes up to 31 minutes to charge the battery packs from 10% to 80% state of charge (SoC), depending on the battery configuration.

MAN batteries are true commercial vehicle batteries: all relevant properties, from the charging cycles to the service life, are ideally matched to the requirements of commercial vehicle use. They also offer a high energy content combined with low weight and compact installation space at an economical cost. And all this without compromising on operational safety. This is why we produce our batteries ourselves at the Nuremberg site. In this way, we keep the expertise on the key technology of the battery in our own hands.

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Battery packs in the MAN eTGS Usable battery capacity Max. range for solo vehicle in distribution transport (0.8 kWh/km) Max. range for vehicle combinations in long-haul transport
(1.2 kWh/km)
Payload of MAN eTruck 1 Recommended use of the MAN eTGS
Chassis variants          
6 battery packs 480 kWh 600 km 400 km 16.3 t Max. range for long-haul transport
5 battery packs 400 kWh 500 km 325 km 17.1 t High range for long-haul transport
4 battery packs 320 kWh 400 km 260 km 18.0 t Typical daily mileage in distribution transport
3 battery packs 240 kWh 300 km 195 km 18.8 t Maximum payload in distribution transport with restricted range
Semitrailer combination variants Usable battery capacity Max. range for solo vehicle in distribution transport (0.8 kWh/km) Max. range for vehicle combinations in long-haul transport (1.2 kWh/km) Payload of MAN eTruck 2 Recommended use of the MAN eTGS
6 battery packs 480 kWh - 400 km 9.5 t Max. range for long-haul transport
5 battery packs 400 kWh - 325 km 10.3 t Compromise between payload and range in long-haul or distribution transport
4 battery packs 320 kWh - 260 km 11.2 t Typical daily mileage in distribution transport
  1. Theoretical payload for body and cargo
  2. Theoretical fifth-wheel coupling load

Battery on top form: Maintenance and repair

Consultation before purchasing a MAN electric truck

Well maintained means a better drive

Your electric truck fleet on top form: Enjoy a premium service offering for your new MAN eTGS. The maintenance intervals of the high-voltage battery are individually adapted to the customer’s usage profile and are based on continuous analysis of the battery data. With MAN ServiceCare, your MAN service outlet proactively coordinates the maintenance appointments for your vehicles before they are due. In many cases, the MAN eTGS has lower maintenance requirements and is less susceptible to wear and tear, which can help to reduce downtime and cut costs.

Servicing a MAN electric truck

Repair, don’t replace

The high-voltage battery packs that we produce in-house account for a large part of the acquisition costs of the new MAN eTGS. Both use and time can take their toll on the battery. With the MAN battery analysis, we can help you optimise your vehicle operation with a focus on battery capacity and life. And should any defects nonetheless occur, most challenges can be resolved professionally at the MAN service outlets. Not only does this fulfil our claim of sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility, but it also helps to ensure that your vehicle quickly and easily gets back to where it belongs: on the road.

Close-up of a battery installed in a MAN eTruck

Batteries removed quickly

Time-efficient solution: Our innovative fastening mechanism on the high-voltage battery packs means that the batteries can be removed quickly from your MAN eTGS. To do this, apart from disconnecting the peripheral wiring, all that is required is to loosen the securing screws and move the battery pack out to the side. Especially for MAN eTrucks with a body, this saves you precious time and money.

A MAN eTGX drives over a bridge

MAN eReadyCheck: Range calculator for optimal route planning for your electric truck

Planning to purchase a MAN eTGS – but you want to make sure that the vehicle’s range corresponds to your usage profile? Help is at hand in the form of our MAN eReadyCheck: it uses selectable parameters to indicate which MAN electric vehicles will meet your requirements exactly.
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  4x2 chassis 6x2 chassis 4x2 semitrailer
Range 195–600 km 195–600 km 260–400 km
Battery packs 3–6 3–6 4–6
Battery capacity 240–480 kWh 240–480 kWh 320–480 kWh
Gross vehicle weight / gross train weight Up to 20 / 44 t Up to 28 / 44 t - / up to 44 t
MAN Service Consultation

The e-mobility services from MAN: comprehensive support for your MAN eTGS

In addition to the services specific to e-mobility, such as the MAN eManager and MAN SmartRoute, you can also benefit from our other services that can be used with your MAN eTGS too, from MAN Now to the MAN service contract.
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Make a successful and efficient switch to electric: with the MAN 360° eMobility consultation

MAN Transport Solutions

Navigate the transformation of the transport industry with success! With tailored solutions for efficient use of the MAN eTGS, we will support you on your journey towards electrification. The offer ranges from real-world potential analysis to data-based route analysis and TCO optimisation. The team at MAN Transport Solutions would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive advice.

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