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Standard Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Emergency Brake Assist warns the driver of an impending collision and activates emergency braking in dangerous situations.

At a glance

  • Prevention of rear-end collisions
    The danger is detected in time and the driver is warned visually and acoustically of an impending collision.
  • Quick response
    In an emergency, braking is initiated immediately.

By far – a safe system

The standard Emergency Brake Assist increases the safety of MAN vehicles even further and significantly reduces the risk of traffic accidents. It monitors the traffic ahead, warns visually and acoustically of insufficient distance and initiates automatic emergency braking if necessary. In combination with an automatic gearbox, even full braking to a standstill is possible. Rear-end collisions can thus be avoided and the consequences of accidents significantly reduced.

High security through permanent monitoring


The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) combines information from a radar sensor in the front of the vehicle and a camera in the windscreen, thus continuously monitoring the traffic area in front of the vehicle: Distances, positions and speeds of vehicles ahead are detected. In the event of an impending collision, the driver is first warned by a visual and acoustic signal.


If the driver does not react to the warning, he is alerted to an impending rear-end collision by a single short brake jerk. If the driver then steps on the brake, full braking power is immediately available. If the braking is not strong enough, the Emergency Brake Assist increases the brake pressure so that the vehicle can come to a stop in front of the obstacle.


In situations where a collision is unavoidable, the driver is additionally supported with automatic emergency braking – with an automatic gearbox even to a standstill . Thus, the Emergency Brake Assist reduces the impact speed and can diminish the consequences of a collision.

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