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Suppliers and Partners

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Shaping the future together

We want to continue thrilling our customers with new ideas and high-quality, high-tech products and services in the future. To this end, we rely on efficient and reliable suppliers and partners.

Together with our suppliers and partners, we are constantly seeking to improve our products and services. By using new technologies, through innovative ideas and a keen awareness of costs, we are laying the foundation for joint success. Our aim in international supplier development is to not only draw on our own knowledge and skills but also – and increasingly – to the knowledge, expertise, creativity and experience of our suppliers and partners: together we launch strategies for optimising cooperation – from improvements in the logistics chain through ensuring environmental protection and sustainable value creation right up to developing joint innovation and technology road maps.

Our success is based on the collaborative efforts with our suppliers and partners. As a company operating on a global scale, we exploit the opportunities on the global procurement markets and assume social responsibility, both in terms of production material and the need for indirect purchasing. This includes complying with applicable laws at all times and in all places, respecting basic ethical values and acting sustainably. In line with this strategy, we also expect our suppliers and partners, as well as their employees, to act responsibly and adhere to the MAN Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners.

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Everything we achieve is only possible through teamwork built on competence, commitment and passion. To this end, we build on trusting and resilient partnerships with our suppliers and sister brands of the TRATON group.

Murat Aksel – Chief Procurement Officer

Our values and way of work

Accept no mistakes, make no mistakes, pass on no mistakes – based on this forward-looking zero-error principle, we ensure optimum quality assurance measures. Together with you as a supplier, we set standards for process variables such as quality, adherence to deadlines and inventory costs. A continuous improvement process and our regularly certified quality management systems form the basis for swift implementation. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers and partners.

Our employees’ commitment forms the basis for maintaining and developing our competitive edge. We respond to the increasing demands in the procurement process by deliberately promoting our employees’ technical and social competence.

Lean processes and short throughput times call for mastering the diversity of variants whilst tying up only minimum funds in materials and finished products. Our lean management ensures short decision-making channels for administrative processes. At the same time, it is important to consider both the organisational and technical side, as well as the human dimension, since only the people involved can ensure that measures are implemented efficiently and unfavourable workflows are eliminated.

Protection of the environment is important to us. We have therefore created a management system that also covers environmental protection requirements and environmental compatibility, in particular with regard to recycling, packaging, waste disposal and transport.

As a manufacturer of capital goods, we are looking mainly for business-to-business solutions. Taking into account cost/benefit aspects, we make efficient use of the internet. In this way, we ensure continuous improvement of procurement processes between suppliers and MAN by reducing transaction costs and transaction times.

Purchasing decisions are based solely on objective and comprehensive criteria. Suppliers and partners are selected and their performance assessed using uniform methods and criteria.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate corporate goal. In our efforts to achieve it, we use interdisciplinary methods in order to guarantee the best combination of performance, delivery and price. Together with our suppliers and partners, we bear responsibility for ensuring that production parts, general material and services meet customers’ high demands.

Economy is the name of our game. This calls for the highest quality standards in order to meet the expectations of our customers. This is why we define quality as an integral part of our corporate goals. Together with our suppliers, we undertake the task of guaranteeing the quality of purchased parts. Along with component quality, we attach great importance to process quality, which largely determines smooth operation of our logistics processes. Efficient IT systems that provide the right information in the necessary quality are an essential factor in this. In the same way, it is a minimum requirement for general materials and services to always comply with ISO standards 9001 and 14001. To assess the quality of our suppliers and partners, we regularly evaluate their efficiency in the fields of engineering, commercial processes, quality and logistics and inform them of the results.

In order to be competitive at all times, our procurement activities are undertaken systematically and on an international scale, and our global production facilities provide solutions offering low overall costs.

We see ourselves as a service provider within the company and also as a link between suppliers and partners as well as engineering and production operations. Based on our simultaneous engineering practices, integration from initial development to the maturity stage and subsequent series production is a basic requirement for fulfilling our job as a service provider within the company to the best of our ability. Open communication between you and us is just as much a part of this.

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Becoming a supplier

If you are interested in becoming a MAN supplier or partner, please register your company using the VW Group business platform.

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Becoming a partner of MAN Truck & Bus

Being a partner via our Group business platform means:

  • After completing a multi-level registration process, you will be authorized to use the applications and information services activated accordingly.
  • You will find detailed explanations of all processes in the portal and if necessary, support will be provided by the integration team.

Group business platform (

Initial contact (

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Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners

MAN expects suppliers and business partners as well as their employees to act responsibly and to comply with applicable laws and respect fundamental ethical values at all times and in all places.

MAN has therefore issued its own Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners, which contains minimum ethical standards that MAN’s suppliers and business partners undertake to observe.

Please refer to the MAN Code of Conduct

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In order to provide our suppliers with comprehensive information on logistics connectivity, logistics processes, requirements and rules, we provide documents and applications on the following topics.


Logistics documents issued by MAN Truck & Bus SE (MTB) and its subsidiaries (MAN Group) in the product development phase:

Supplier applications

We provide our suppliers and partners with extensive information and services to ensure ongoing optimization of the working relationship. If you wish to use these applications, you will need to obtain authorized access using your company name and accounts payable number or user name and password.

Supplier Information

The current version of the terms and conditions of purchase can be found on the Group website .

This is where you can find comprehensive information material on the different aspects of our contractual partnerships. You can download detailed information on our purchasing guidelines and conditions, packaging, standards and factory regulations.

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CAD Portal

The MAN Truck & Bus CAD portal is an important communication platform for MAN Truck & Bus and its partners. It improves communication, development processes and collaboration.

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Our resources

The MAN Truck & Bus CAD portal is an important communication platform for MAN and its partners. The CAD portal has set itself the following goals:

  • Improved communication: Centralized access to applications, information and methods.
  • Optimisation of the development process: Provision of CAx applications, documents, guidelines and standards.
  • Optimisation of working relationships: Digital networking between MAN Truck & Bus and its partners.

The CAD portal: Technical Documentation Portal (PTD)