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Electric trucks from MAN: Welcome to the era of eTrucks

Two MAN eTrucks driving on a road

Ready for the future with the new electric trucks from MAN

The new MAN eTrucks are here: with the smartest and most eco-friendly vehicles that it has ever produced, MAN is ready to help you make the switch to electric. In addition to an emission-free driveline and daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres, the new generation of MAN electric trucks offers excellent handling combined with simple operation. The new electric trucks will be taking to the roads in 2024. In addition, MAN gives you a future-proof and intelligently networked e-mobility ecosystem that offers digital solutions to provide optimum support for your daily work.

A MAN eTGX drives over a bridge
  • A variety of cabs with a comfortable rest area
  • Daily ranges of up to 800 km
  • Up to 400 kW continuous drive and continuous braking power
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A MAN eTGS at a junction
  • A comfortable driving experience and precise handling
  • 400 kWh or 480 kWh battery capacity depending on the wheelbase
  • Flexible pre-fitting for body mounting ex works
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5 advantages of an electric truck from MAN

Granted, electric trucks are more expensive to purchase than a comparable vehicle with a diesel genset. But by the time it comes to the variable operating costs for energy and tolls, for example, the eTruck will have overtaken its counterpart with an internal combustion engine. In addition, government subsidies for electric trucks have a positive influence on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), where parity can be reached after as little as four years, depending on individual circumstances.

Electric trucks provide special protection for high-voltage batteries against frontal, side, underbody and rear-end collisions. If the smart sensors of the MAN eTruck detect an impending accident, the battery is switched off immediately via emergency energy shutdown. Another safety-relevant aspect is the MAN eManager, which constantly monitors the battery and sounds an alarm at an early stage if the temperature rises.

Locally carbon-free – this target is easy to achieve with a MAN eTruck. Thanks to the electric driveline, carbon emissions are cut to 0 g/km, providing clear benefits for the environment. In addition, the batteries of the electric truck have a recycling rate of more than 90%.

It’s not just the driver who reaps the benefits of an electric truck – there are also two major advantages for residents of urban areas: Firstly, the electric drive puts a stop to pollutant emissions, which has a positive effect on air quality. Secondly, noise emissions also decrease significantly, which helps to increase public acceptance of these vehicles. If the measurements of a conventional truck are compared with those of an electric truck, the result is a reduction of about 9 dB(A). This means that one conventionally powered truck generates about as much sound as 8 electric trucks. This lower noise level allows for night deliveries, for example, which can relieve traffic in conurbations during the day without disturbing residents at night with noise and exhaust fumes.

Anyone familiar with MAN TGX or MAN TGS trucks knows about the excellent durability of these vehicles. The MAN eTrucks also offer an excellent vehicle base for all focus applications from roll-off skip loader to ultra semitrailer and feature a high driving range and wide range of payloads based on MAN’s body expertise.

On the road with optimum range

A MAN eTruck travelling on a country road

The driving range of the new MAN eTruck is particularly impressive. From as early as 2025, daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres will be possible, allowing for approx. 45-minute break times and a 480 kWh battery pack. And soon, daily ranges of up to as much as 1,000 kilometres can be expected.

Range depending on use

  Box body
4x2 solo chassis
Refrigerated body
4x2 solo chassis
Set-down skip loader
4x2 solo chassis
Standard semitrailer / ultra semitrailer
4x2 semitrailer combination
Refrigerated semitrailer
4x2 semitrailer combination
Average daily distances 450 km 400 km 400 km 350 km 300 km
Possible battery capacity up to 480 kWh up to 480 kWh up to 400 kWh up to 480 kWh up to 480 kWh

Charging electric trucks: on site and across Europe

When it comes to charging an eTruck, there are two possible scenarios: private charging infrastructure at the company premises, and public charging. In both cases, MAN has partnered with leading providers such as ABB, Heliox and SBRS.
Together, they provide charging solutions throughout Europe that are tailored to the specific system. The Combined Charging System (CCS) charges at up to 375 kW, while the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) connected to the cooling system of the electric truck allows for charging at up to 750 kW.

Charging infrastructure

If the eTruck is parked overnight on the company’s premises, the vehicle can easily be fully recharged. For cases where the electric truck is travelling long distances and has to resort to public charging points, there is a useful tool: MAN SmartRoute simplifies route planning for the new MAN eTruck – and at the same time increases confidence in the electric range.

Charging power Approximate charging time in minutes depending on the battery configuration System
200 A (150 kW) 115–230 minutes Combined Charging (CCS)
500 A (320 kW) approx. 40 minutes Combined Charging (CCS)
670 A (approx. 500 kW) approx. 45 minutes Megawatt Charging (MCS)
835 A (approx. 625 kW) approx. 45 minutes Megawatt Charging (MCS)
1,000 A (approx. 750 kW) approx. 45 minutes Megawatt Charging (MCS)

More about the charging infrastructure

Get moving sustainably with MAN DigitalServices

The future of the transport industry is electric – and digital, of course. For this reason, many of the digital services that are available for conventional trucks can also be used with the new MAN eTrucks. In addition, MAN offers further digital solutions for its electric trucks that are specially tailored to electric vehicles: MAN eManager and MAN SmartRoute.

MAN eManager icon

MAN eManager

The digital MAN eManager service enables comprehensive charging management as well as vehicle and battery monitoring for your entire MAN eTruck fleet. Low ranges or charging failures are directly transmitted to the fleet management. Battery temperatures are monitored and if there is a risk of overheating, the fleet manager is warned in case of emergency. Vehicle charging is controlled intelligently. Pre-air conditioning of the vehicle is integrated into the charging process, thus saving energy during the journey. There are two versions of the MAN eManager:

MAN eManager S

  • Efficient control of the charging process for a single MAN eTruck or the entire fleet
  • Timer mode: specify when the electric truck should be fully charged and the MAN eManager will take care of the rest.
  • Real-time overview of the charging progress, the possible range with the current battery status and the time when the battery will be fully charged

MAN eManager M

  • All functions of the MAN eManager S
  • Transmission of battery-relevant key figures for temperature, voltage and charging and discharging current
  • Display of the remaining battery capacity in kWh in all states of charge
  • Overview of the status of the entire MAN eTruck fleet including information on the driving status

MAN SmartRoute icon

MAN SmartRoute

MAN SmartRoute – for fleet managers and drivers – simplifies route planning for your new MAN eTruck fleet and assists with optimum planning of intermediate charging on the route so that trips can be completed successfully. The following parameters are taken into consideration:

  • Battery charging status and remaining range
  • Traffic (e.g. traffic jams, accidents, construction work)
  • Infrastructure (e.g. charging columns, service stations)
  • Topography (e.g. mountains)
  • Weather
  • Restrictions on commercial vehicles (e.g. load)
  • Driving job (e.g. route, customer stops)
  • Time requirements (e.g. driving times, unloading times)
  • Driving times and rest times

MAN DigitalServices

Other digital services

In addition to the services specific to electric trucks, many other digital services such as MAN Now, the MAN Driver App or Perform can also be used in conjunction with a MAN eTruck.

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A MAN eTGX drives over a bridge

MAN eReadyCheck: Range calculator for optimal route planning for your electric truck

Planning to purchase an all-electric truck – but you want to make sure the vehicle’s range is sufficient for your application? Help is at hand in the form of our MAN eReadyCheck: it uses selectable parameters to indicate which MAN e-vehicles will suit your usage behaviour exactly.
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The eReady transformation of the MAN service network

For both conventional trucks and the new MAN electric truck, an efficient service network is crucial. In order to minimise the downtime of the new eTrucks, MAN is updating its function and service structure with regard to the topic of e-readiness. The transformation is following an ambitious plan. By the time the eTrucks go into production, it is expected that 70% of all MAN-owned service operations across Europe will be e-ready – and MAN is planning 100% e-readiness from 2028.

Maintenance and repair management icon

MAN ServiceCare

With the preventive, digital maintenance and repair management of MAN ServiceCare, you always have an eye on the maintenance status of your MAN eTruck fleet. In order to reduce workshop visits and downtime, maintenance and vehicle data are transferred from your electric truck to MAN ServiceCare. Depending on your individual requirements, you can choose from different service packages:

  • With the free service MAN ServiceCare S, your preferred MAN service outlet proactively coordinates and bundles maintenance appointments for your MAN electric truck. In the event of a breakdown, the nearest MAN service outlet can review relevant vehicle details and provide you with even more targeted support through remote diagnostics.
  • In addition to the services of MAN ServiceCare S, MAN ServiceCare M offers further functions for even more individual maintenance and repair management of your MAN eTruck fleet. Thanks to the extended system access and comprehensive maintenance information, you can view the condition of individual components in detail. Accordingly, for example, the health status of the high-voltage battery packs of your MAN electric trucks is displayed as a percentage value. In addition, you can manage your own components and vehicles from other manufacturers (FMS data). You can decide which maintenance tasks you want to carry out yourself and which you want to hand over to a MAN service centre.

More about MAN ServiceCare

MAN ServiceContracts

MAN ServiceContracts

Unexpected repair costs or vehicle breakdowns are among the risks in the commercial vehicle sector – and electric trucks are no exception. MAN service contracts help you keep your expenses calculable: thanks to a range of services which includes all service work and a scope of services which can be extended individually.

Throughout Europe, MAN eTrucks are handled professionally at the MAN service outlets. This means that you can devote your full concentration to your core business.

More on MAN service contracts

MAN uptime guarantee

MAN uptime guarantee

Wherever a MAN eTruck is on the road: With the MAN mobility guarantee, MAN ensures the reliable operational readiness of every eTruck fleet. The MAN mobility guarantee for electric trucks flexibly assures your mobility in more than 30 European countries. In the event of a technical defect, you can get moving quickly or be compensated for the downtime .

Find out more about the MAN uptime guarantee

MAN Mobile24 logo

MAN Mobile24

Proactive precautions, quick action, acting instead of reacting – these are the principles of MAN Mobile24. We help you get to your destination – on time. You can reach us around the clock – 365 days a year – free of charge on the single number 00800 Mobile24 / 00800 66 24 53 24.
MAN Mobile24 is MAN’s very own roadside assistance service and includes support for all vehicle-related matters throughout Europe.

All over Europe, we offer the following:

  • fast, reliable help in the event of a breakdown;
  • support in booking appointments that can be planned for customers located abroad; and
  • a comprehensive tyre service including tyre change on the road.

MAN Mobile24 offers all its services for our electric vehicles too.
By automatically matching the VIN, we immediately recognise whether it is an electric vehicle and can refer you to the nearest e-ready workshop.

More about MAN Mobile24

MAN Genuine Parts

MAN Genuine Parts

MAN Genuine Parts guarantee that you are driving with the best MAN quality. The parts are manufactured in accordance with MAN guidelines and inspected carefully to ensure that they comply with our strict quality standards. They also guarantee maximum reliability and economy. Furthermore, they come with a two-year warranty that is valid worldwide for MAN service and parts. To keep downtimes as short as possible in the event of damage, the majority of MAN Genuine Parts are in stock in our service centres – even for MAN eTrucks.

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The cost of a MAN eTruck

MAN electric trucks

It is more expensive to purchase an electric truck than a diesel truck. However, the high purchase costs must always be seen in proportion, because an electric truck offers significantly lower variable operating costs in the long term: Lower energy and service costs, carbon taxation and toll classification, as well as government subsidies, play a significant role here – as can be seen in the example in the table below. Depending on individual circumstances, TCO parity for a MAN eTruck can be reached after just four years.

When it comes to the high purchase costs and setting up an in-house charging infrastructure, MAN is of course on hand to offer advice and support on financing issues.

Application Regional delivery transport
Vehicle 18t 4x2 MAN TGX semitrailer tractor
GM cab
Period of ownership 5 years
Average mileage 320 km (per day)
80,000 km (per year)
Proportion on toll roads 82%
Repair and maintenance contract ComfortSuper
Type of drive Battery electric Diesel
Consumption 1.2 kWh/km 27.5 l/100 km
Toll fee per km € 0.074 € 0.183
Energy costs 0.182 €/kWh (depot)
0.293 €/kWh (public)
1.11 €/litre
Carbon tax (plus diesel price) 57 €/t CO 2
MAN 360° eMobility consultation

Make a successful and efficient switch to electric: with the MAN 360° eMobility consultation

Everyone is talking about the transformation of the commercial vehicle industry – MAN is actively shaping it: Look forward to the new MAN eTruck, digital solutions and a holistic product strategy for the sustainable transport of the future. Do you want to get your fleet e-ready too? MAN Transport Solutions offers comprehensive advice to help develop your individual, tailor-made solution offer for the electrification of your fleet.
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Frequently asked questions about the electric truck

At present, the purchase cost of an electric truck is higher than for a diesel truck. However, this is offset over the long term by lower energy costs (electricity price). Likewise, you save on tolls and can receive rebates through the new energy levies such as the greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota) in Germany. As a general rule, the higher the mileage, the greater the savings.

With the new generation of MAN eTrucks, daily ranges of between 600 and 800 km will be possible with intelligent use of break times (approx. 45 min) for intermediate charging. And of course, this is with the maximum possible battery capacity of 480 kWh for the MAN eTruck. In the future, daily ranges of as much as 1,000 kilometres will be possible.

The new generation of MAN eTrucks starts with the models MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS. Depending on the intended use, there is a choice of six different cabs and up to twelve different focus applications for these two model lines. From refrigerated box to platform body with loading crane to ultra semitrailer, almost all known applications can be electrified with the MAN eTrucks.

When it comes to charging an electric truck, there are two options: The Combined Charging System (CCS) charges at up to 375 kW, while the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) connected to the cooling system of the electric truck allows for charging at up to 750 kW.

The consumption of a MAN electric truck depends on numerous factors such as weather and temperature, payload, topography of the route and type of road (country road, motorway, city).

With a 480 kWh battery and a charging break of about 45 minutes, a MAN eTruck can travel 600 to 800 kilometres per day.