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Your gateway to efficient fleet management with MAN DigitalServices

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Your gateway to efficient fleet management with MAN DigitalServices

At a glance

  • Easy operation
    Clear and transparent data preparation: The RIO platform helps you to keep an eye on all relevant fleet information at any time.
  • Independent data administration
    With the cloud-based RIO platform, you do not need to install additional software to administer your services. All relevant data are available via your web browser – regardless of your location.
  • Flexible booking of services
    Individual services shall be booked per vehicle. With full flexibility when booked per diem. Or for contract periods of 12 or 36 months – with attractive price advantages.

MAN DigitalServices: It’s as easy as this

With our digital fleet management, you can manage your fleet clearly and economically. MAN DigitalServices and the Rio platform Marketplace provide you with comprehensive support: The portfolio of available services ranges from tachograph and time management, vehicle tracking and driver support to charging and battery management for electric vehicles, optimisation of vehicle performance and our proactive maintenance and repair management.

Software upgrades for your vehicles also ensure more efficiency and performance of your fleet’s operations. MAN Now, our digital service, sends the desired features directly “over the air” into your vehicles – no matter where the vehicle is currently located.

MAN DigitalServices: It’s as easy as this

See for yourself how simple it is to use our digital services:

  • We have integrated MAN DigitalServices into the cloud-based RIO platform.
  • On the RIO platform you will find the RIO Marketplace with access to the digital MAN services.
  • The telematics boxes in your vehicles provide the technical interface between your vehicles and the digital services.
  • Register your vehicles on the RIO platform to select and activate our digital services.
  • The automatic availability check shows you which services you can use for each vehicle.
  • From the overview page, you can access detailed information about the individual offers or book directly.
  • You can activate the services you want in just a few steps, according to your needs. Some services, such as MAN ServiceCare S or MAN eManager S, are provided free of charge. In addition, depending on your business requirements, you can choose from a wide range of services and subscribe to them either on a daily or monthly basis via fixed-term contracts with a price advantage
“For Three, For Free” – 3 months free of charge
MAN DigitalServices

Test MAN DigitalServices: for your entire fleet* now 3 months free of charge!**

Test our digital services three months free of charge – for every vehicle in your fleet*. The free trial period is available to all MAN customers who have not yet booked any of our chargeable services. It ends automatically.
* depending on the type of vehicle and as far as the services are technically available
** Test campaign; applies to all new and existing MAN DigitalServices customers who have not yet or currently not booked any of the chargeable services that MAN offers via the RIO platform.
Activate your test period here – simple, fast and free of charge

MAN DigitalServices: All services at a glance

Choose your vehicle category and discover the right digital services for your fleet. Services are booked directly via the RIO Marketplace. For some services you will find additional information on our site.

The range of services may vary by country, so the displayed service overview represents only a subset of the entire service portfolio.

To the list of MAN worldwide websites

  • Journey history of the previous 25 months for identifying optimisation potential of operational performance
  • Reliable, efficient route planning with extensive map material
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MAN ServiceCare S
MAN ServiceCare S

  • Free service
  • Transparency about your MAN fleet’s maintenance status
  • Display of damage reports sent from the MAN Driver App
  • Your MAN service outlet intelligently coordinates and bundles upcoming maintenance appointments
  • Optimised support even in the event of a breakdown thanks to location-independent remote vehicle diagnosis
  • Service enhancement with addition of preventative functions to reduce unplanned downtimes

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MAN ServiceCare M
MAN ServiceCare M

All the benefits of MAN ServiceCare S, plus:

  • Individual maintenance and repair management for your entire vehicle fleet
  • Detailed maintenance information on individual components, fill levels, brake linings and more
  • Management of own components and vehicles of other manufacturers
  • Flexibility, because you decide which maintenance and repair work you want to carry out yourself and which you want MAN to support you with
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Compliant M
Compliant M*
  • Automatically read and store tachograph and driver card data
  • Easily archive trip and operational data

*Not available for the MAN Lion’s City E

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  • Clear indication of driving and rest periods
  • Individual and efficient deployment and route planning thanks to up-to-the-minute transmission of driver activities
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace

  • Meaningful vehicle analyses to identify inefficient driving styles
  • Allows comparable driver evaluations for your fleet

*Availability and scope of the respective service depend on the vehicle model. You can find further information in the description of the respective service in the Marketplace on the RIO platform.

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MAN Connected CoDriver
Driver coaching in action
  • Personalised live driver coaching directly in the driver’s cab
  • Tips for efficient and anticipatory driving
More details
MAN eManager S
MAN eManager S
  • Charging management for your MAN Lion’s City E with timer function
  • Climate preconditioning
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
MAN eManager M
MAN eManager M

All the benefits of MAN eManager S, plus:

  • Comprehensive vehicle and battery monitoring for your electric bus fleet
  • Advanced information for detailed analysis and history: Charging and discharging currents, battery voltage, charging errors, recuperation performance, consumption values of air conditioning and auxiliary consumers, ambient temperature data and more
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
MAN Driver App
MAN Driver App
  • Free driver support in 26 languages
  • Breakdown call, damage report, MAN Dealership Search and many other smart features via App
  • Connecting driver, fleet manager and workshop
MAN Card
MAN Card
  • Fuel and service card at no charge
  • Refuel and pay toll charges without cash
  • Transparent cost control in fleet management
More details

Over-the-Air Upgrades

Thanks to the new and convenient over-the-air technology of MAN Now, you can easily activate existing functions of your truck, extend them or add new ones without having to stop off in a MAN service outlet.
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Good reasons to use MAN DigitalServices

A simple and straightforward kickoff

A simple and straightforward kickoff

With our telematics boxes and MAN DigitalServices on the RIO platform Marketplace, you can quickly and easily get started with digital fleet management. This way you increase the efficiency of your fleet right from the start.

The telematics boxes are fitted as standard* in our newer vehicles. For existing MAN vehicles that do not yet have a telematics box on board, your MAN service outlet will be happy to check for you whether retrofitting is possible.

The RIO platform is cloud-based, thus allowing you access via an internet browser – regardless of your location and the devices you use. You do not need any other software to view and edit your data.

Try it for free

Digital support – comprehensive and flexible

Your registration at the RIO platform Marketplace makes a wide range of bookable digital services available. According to your needs, you can select and subscribe to them.

On the RIO Marketplace, we offer in addition a range of services free of charge that you can use with your vehicles. Among others, there is our digital service MAN ServiceCare S which makes maintenance management of your vehicles and coordination of your workshop appointments much more convenient and efficient. Or choose the MAN eManager S, which simplifies the charging management of your electric bus fleet.

Keeping an eye on costs

Keeping an eye on costs

You have full cost control via the RIO platform. See at a glance which services you have activated for your vehicles. You can individually book fee-based services at any time. Thanks to the flexibility and cost transparency of our services, you benefit in the long term.

Mixed fleet? No problem!

Mixed fleet? No problem!

MAN DigitalServices not only support your MAN vehicles. Even if you operate a mixed fleet, you can still benefit from the advantages of our digital fleet management. Many of our digital services are designed – as far as technically possible – to also network with vehicles from other manufacturers.

Software upgrades for your MAN

Software upgrades for your new MAN Truck generation. Anytime, anywhere. MAN Now!

With MAN Now you benefit from a wide range of vehicle functionalities for your new MAN Truck generation. And the best thing: To install software upgrades, there is no need to stop at the workshop – thanks to modern over-the-air technology. Discover MAN Now and test the MAN OnlineTraffic feature with free initial activation.
Discover MAN Now

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