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Cruise Assist Plus

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At a glance

  • Less fatigue when driving in heavy traffic and traffic jams
    Cruise Assist Plus helps the driver to avoid tailgating and rear-end collisions.
  • Keeps the vehicle in the lane with the right distance and speed
    The system actively supports the driver in keeping the lane and maintaining the speed and the distance to the vehicle ahead.
  • Integrated emergency assistant
    Brakes automatically in emergency situations and secures the vehicle using the hazard warning light.

Cruising comfortably, arriving safely

More relaxed on long journeys – even in challenging situations such as heavy traffic: thanks to the new Cruise Assist Plus . The system not only helps the driver to maintain the right distance and the proper speed, but also to keep the correct lane. In this way, Cruise Assist Plus relieves the driver and can help prevent accidents.

Four systems combined

Cleverly combined: Cruise Assist Plus combines the functions of Lane Guard System, ACC Stop & Go and Traffic Jam Assist to actively support the driver in maintaining distance and speed and in keeping the lane . The system also combines the partially automated control of acceleration and braking processes with the lateral control of steering movements for lane keeping. In addition, the integrated emergency assistant monitors the driver’s activity in terms of the accelerator, the steering and the brake. If the driver fails to react in an exceptional situation – e.g. due to a health impairment – the emergency assistant can take over control of the vehicle. It will bring the vehicle to a standstill, secure it with the hazard warning system and activate an eCall.

At a constant distance

A total of five distances can be set – from very small to very large. When a vehicle ahead is detected, the system automatically adjusts the speed of the MAN van to the current traffic situation, thus ensuring the necessary distance to the vehicle in front. In case of a traffic jam, the van will automatically brake to a standstill and move off again after short stops. Cruise Assist Plus uses a camera installed behind the interior rear-view mirror and radar sensors in the bumper in order to continuously detect the traffic situation and lane markings.

Safe lane guidance

To continuously stay in the lane, the assistance system helps to avoid unintentional lane departure by automatically executing necessary corrective steering manoeuvres. To accomplish this, the detected lane markings provide orientation. Important: While an activated Cruise Assist Plus makes it a lot easier for the driver to keep the lane, he must still keep his hands on the steering wheel in order to maintain control of the van at all times. In addition, the system also provides support in the event of an intended lane change. If the sensors detect a vehicle in the adjacent lane, the technology helps to prevent the risk of collision by performing corrective steering interventions.

Keeps you up to date

The cockpit display continuously informs the driver about the assistance system status: The distance to the vehicle ahead and its speed are clearly shown. Moreover, it provides information on the direction of corrective steering interventions and on lane keeping.

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