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Park Steering Assist

The park steering assist manoeuvres the MAN TGE into even the smallest parking space.

At a glance

  • Active parking aid
    The driver is assisted when manoeuvring into transverse and longitudinal parking spaces
  • Mitigation of vehicle damage
    Can reduce damage caused by incorrect parking.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

No more stress when looking for a parking space. The park steering assist takes over the turning of the steering wheel and manoeuvres your MAN TGE into even the smallest matching parking space. The driver only has to accelerate and brake, everything else is taken care of by the assistant. This relieves the driver during the parking process and can also reduce damage caused by incorrect parking.

Active help while parking


The park steering assist scans both the right and left sides of the road for available parking spaces as you drive past. By setting the indicator, the driver determines on which side of the road he wants to park. If the assistant detects a suitable parking space, it guides the driver to the appropriate starting position and prompts him to engage reverse gear.


When reverse gear is engaged, the automatic steering control is activated: The system takes over the steering and steers the vehicle into the parking space, the driver only has to carefully accelerate and brake.


The system can be overridden by the driver at any time, allowing the driver to take back control.

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