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Play it safe: Innovative assistance systems for your MAN TGE

Intelligent assistance systems actively support safe and efficient driving.

The invisible co-driver for more safety en route

Blind spot and drive-off warning
Blind spot and drive-off warning*

  • Monitors areas difficult to see on the co-driver’s side when turning
  • Warns the driver of possible impending accidents when starting off or travelling at slow speeds
  • Helps protect vulnerable road users and can increase safety

* Standard for vehicles > 3.5 t (N2) and special equipment subject to additional charge for vehicles with 3.5 t (N1).

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Intelligent traffic assistant: Cruise Assist Plus
Intelligent traffic assistant: Cruise Assist Plus*

  • Maintains distance and speed and keeps the lane
  • Brakes the vehicle automatically in congested and emergency situations and secures it by activating the hazard warning light
  • For manual gearboxes, Cruise Assist is available (scope slightly modified)

* Only available for vehicles with automatic gearbox.

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Turn assist
Turn assist

  • Monitors oncoming traffic when turning left involves crossing the opposite lane
  • Brakes the van automatically in dangerous situations
  • Helps the driver to avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles

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The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) warns the driver of an impending collision and activates emergency braking in dangerous situations
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Prevention of rear-end collisions
  • Full braking in an emergency
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MAN Lane Guard System actively steers and keeps the vehicle in its lane
Active Lane Guard System
  • Safe lane keeping
  • Active countersteering
  • Danger warning
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The park steering assist manoeuvres your van into even the smallest parking space
Park Steering Assist
  • Active parking aid
  • Reduces damages caused by incorrect parking
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The MAN Now over-the-air software upgrades logo next to a MAN TGE.

Over-the-air software upgrades for your MAN TGE

MAN Now sends you software upgrades – no need to stop at the workshop. Thanks to modern over-the-air technology, the functions are transmitted directly to your vehicle. As an example: with MAN EfficientRoute – the latest map and traffic data – your van always takes the fastest route to its destination.
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