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The new MAN eTGX: The eTruck for long distances

A MAN eTGX drives over a bridge

The MAN eTGX is here to electrify long-haul transport

A daily range of up to 800 kilometres: when it comes to the long haul, the new MAN eTGX gives conventional semitrailer tractors a run for their money. Whether a semitrailer tractor or a chassis variant with body, the new Megawatt Charging System gives the electric truck a charging capacity of up to 750 kW. What’s more, 45 minutes of recharging – the length of a typical break time – is enough for around 350 kilometres of range, making it ideal for long-distance travel. And after the work is done, the driver can relax in the cab’s comfortable rest area. With its environmentally friendly and quiet operation, the MAN eTGX brings benefits not only to drivers but also to residents along the route. Inclusive and always on board: the MAN digital services such as MAN eManager and MAN SmartRoute.

The front view of the MAN eTGX

Ready for the long haul: The MAN eTGX

  • Daily range of up to 800 km
  • Choice between 3 and 6 battery packs
  • Comfortable cabs as usual

The heart of the MAN eTGX: the battery

MAN batteries

The use of an emission-free truck driveline all hinges on the battery. For this reason, the new MAN eTGX contains batteries that were designed specially for use in the new electric truck, right at the MAN site in Nuremberg. In this way, the expertise on one of the most vital technical components of the MAN eTGX remains in-house. Depending on the intended use of the electric truck, various capacities of up to 480 kWh can be selected – this ensures daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres, provided that break/charging times are observed. This is because, with the new megawatt charging at up to 750 kW, it takes approximately 45 minutes to largely recharge the battery packs. By the way: in the future, daily ranges of as much as 1,000 kilometres will be possible – a major advantage for use in long-haul transport.

More information about charging times

Battery packs in MAN eTGX Usable battery capacity Max. range for solo vehicle in distribution transport (0.8 kWh/km) Max. range for vehicle combinations in long-haul transport
(1.2 kWh/km)
Payload of MAN eTruck 1 2 Recommended use of the MAN eTGX
Chassis variants          
6 battery packs 480 kWh 600 km 400 km 16.3 t Max. range for long-haul transport
5 battery packs 400 kWh 500 km 325 km 17.1 t High range for long-haul transport
4 battery packs 320 kWh 400 km 260 km 18.0 t Typical daily mileage in distribution transport
3 battery packs 240 kWh 300 km 195 km 18.8 t Maximum payload in distribution transport with restricted range
Semitrailer combination variants Usable battery capacity Max. range for solo vehicle in distribution transport (0.8 kWh/km) Max. range for vehicle combinations in long-haul transport
(1.2 kWh/km)
Payload of MAN eTruck 1 3 Recommended use of the MAN eTGX
6 battery packs 480 kWh - 400 km 9.5 t Max. range for long-haul transport
5 battery packs 400 kWh - 325 km 10.3 t Compromise between payload and range in long-haul or distribution transport
4 battery packs 320 kWh - 260 km 11.2 t Typical daily mileage in distribution transport
  1. approx. up to, for MAN eTGX semitrailer, 4x2, BL with GX cab; or MAN eTGX chassis, 6x2-, BL, with GX cab.
  2. Theoretical payload for body and cargo
  3. Theoretical fifth-wheel coupling load

Maintenance and repair of the MAN eTGX battery

Consultation before purchasing a MAN electric truck

Keeping on top of maintenance is half the battle

The battery-specific maintenance intervals depend heavily on the usage profile of the new MAN eTGX. They are therefore calculated and determined individually for each vehicle. Continuous analyses of the battery data help with this. MAN ServiceCare bundles this data into a maintenance plan, which the MAN service outlet will discuss with you proactively.

Average use of the new MAN eTrucks may result in lower maintenance requirements and less wear and tear than with diesel vehicles – but this depends heavily on the individual usage profile.

Battery installed in a MAN electric truck

Repair, don’t replace

The high-voltage battery packs account for a significant proportion of the purchase costs of electric trucks. For economic and ecological reasons, it goes without saying that in the case of the most common faults, the battery should be repaired cost-effectively and not replaced completely. Defective cells, faulty components of the battery management system or leaks in the cooling circuit: The teams at our MAN service outlets will be able to rectify these and many other faults in the future. Typical fault patterns, diagnostic software and suitable repair methods are currently being compiled so that they will be ready for use in the service outlets in time for the start of production of the electric truck. In this way, we are taking another step towards a more sustainable future.

Close-up of a battery installed in a MAN electric truck

Battery removal made easy

The fastening mechanism developed by MAN for the high-voltage battery packs enables the battery packs to be removed quickly to the side. This is usually a time-intensive process, especially for vehicles with bodies – and we all know that time is money! To remove the batteries of the MAN eTGX, apart from disconnecting the peripheral wiring, all that is needed is to loosen the locking screws and pull the battery pack out to the side – a time-saving procedure.

A MAN eTGX drives over a bridge

MAN eReadyCheck: Range calculator for optimal route planning for your electric truck

Planning to purchase a MAN eTGX – but you want to make sure the vehicle’s range is sufficient for your application? Help is at hand in the form of our MAN eReadyCheck: it uses selectable parameters to indicate which MAN e-vehicles will suit your usage behaviour exactly.
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  4x2 semitrailer 4x2 chassis 6x2 chassis
Range 260–400 km 195–400 km 195–400 km
Battery packs 4–6 3–6 3–6
Battery capacity 320–480 kWh 240–480 kWh 240–480 kWh
Gross vehicle weight / gross train weight - / up to 44 t Up to 20 / 44 t Up to 28 / 44 t
Payload 9.5–11.2 t 16.3–18.8 t 16.3–18.8 t
MAN Service Consultation

Absolutely e-ready: The e-mobility services from MAN

In addition to services specific to e-mobility such as the MAN eManager and MAN SmartRoute, other services can of course also be used with the MAN eTGX – from MAN Now to the MAN service contract.
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We will be happy to advise you: with the MAN 360° eMobility consultation

MAN Transport Solutions

In line with the transformation of the transport industry, we can of course offer you tailor-made solutions for your MAN eTGX that take your needs into account both at the time of purchase and during operation. The range of services includes an interactive, personalised assessment of electrification potential, a comprehensive consulting and financing service for the entire vehicle fleet as well as a data-driven route analysis and TCO optimisation. To obtain advice on any of these aspects, please do not hesitate to contact the team at MAN Transport Solutions.

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