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  • 40 years of expertise in 67 countries
    Qualified advanced training for drivers, entrepreneurs and fleet managers.
  • Customised trainings
    Training courses on a wide range of topics and vehicles as well as application-specific training courses for “training on the job” are available.
  • Professional advanced driver training in accordance with BKrFQG (Professional Driver Qualification Act)
    MAN ProfiDrive gives you the opportunity to complete the legally required advanced training measures for professional drivers.

MAN ProfiDrive – we train the future

In today's working environment, competitiveness, economic efficiency and safety are continuously growing in importance. Business owners are no longer just relying on technical vehicle innovations.

The cost of purchasing a new vehicle can be significantly reduced by government subsidy programmes. MAN ProfiDrive helps you develop the optimal package and provides advice and information regarding the application.

However, the qualified advanced training of drivers is now also a focal point for cost reduction. Employees who have perfect command of their vehicles and receive intensive training on technical innovations and how to optimally use them, make as much of a contribution to a positive result as employees who know how to avoid risks on the road by driving cautiously and safely. This not only increases overall safety but also reduces consumption and lowers expenses for wear and tear. In addition, sick absences of drivers can also be minimised through appropriate training measures.

With 40 years of expertise, MAN ProfiDrive has made a significant contribution to the all-round support for business owners, fleet managers and drivers in over 67 countries worldwide. MAN ProfiDrive has continuously improved and expanded in terms of its daily dealings with customers as well as the available training portfolio. These days, customer-specific training solutions in niche markets are just as much part of the MAN ProfiDrive training range as professional driver training in accordance with the law governing the qualification of professional drivers (BKrFQG).

For detailed information about MAN ProfiDrive training courses or dates, please contact MAN ProfiDrive.

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Advanced training based on the law governing the qualification of professional drivers (BKrFQG)

Every five years professional drivers have to complete a total of 35 hours of advanced training, made up of five training units of seven hours each in the three areas of knowledge.

MAN ProfiDrive gives you the opportunity to complete all the legally required advanced training measures.

The following training sessions can be booked and implemented with and without the training for professional drivers.

Areas of knowledge according to the BKrFQG

  • Area of knowledge 1 – improvement in rational driving behaviour based on safety regulations
  • Area of knowledge 2 – application of requirements
  • Area of knowledge 3 – health, transport and environmental safety, services, logistics

Our MAN training courses for you

MAN offers you training courses in four different subject areas:Basics, economic efficiency, safety and sector/area of application. Furthermore, other application-specific training courses in the area of “on-the-job training” are also available.

Please filter according to vehicle type and subject area to find the relevant training courses.


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Individual driver trainings, safety trainings, off-road or train-the-trainer courses and professional driver training measures: MAN ProfiDrive offers qualified truck, bus, and van trainings for drivers, entrepreneurs, and fleet managers.
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General and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the qualified and professional driver training and advanced training measures for professional drivers.

General questions about training

How many modules do I have to complete?
You have to submit evidence of completing a minimum of five modules, of seven hours each, to the driver’s licensing authorities.

Which modules do I have to complete?
At least one module must be completed from each of the three areas of knowledge specified by the legislator. The two additional modules can be freely selected from the areas of knowledge specified. No module should be used twice however.

  • Area of knowledge 1: Modules 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10
  • Area of knowledge 2: Module 4
  • Area of knowledge 3: Modules 5, 6, 8

I have completed all five modules, what is the next step?
Please proceed promptly, before the cut-off date, with all five modules (certificates) to the competent driver’s licence centre and have record 95 extended.

For how long are the certificates valid?
As a general rule, all certificates are valid for a maximum of five years. A type of transitional arrangement applies for the first extension. In this case, certificates can be a maximum of eight years old.

Whom should I contact when I have submitted a certificate?
Please send an email including the following details to : Surname, first name, date of event, location of event and module as well as delivery address.

Questions about offer request and booking


What happens after I have submitted an offer request?
You will receive an offer by e-mail and possible seminar dates to choose from.

Do I have to store my private data when requesting an offer?
We need private data of the participants for the issuing of the certificates. It is important that the data is entered correctly so that the certificate is acknowledged by the driving licence office. We need the data of the participants two weeks before the seminar date at the latest.

What happens when I return the appointment confirmation or registration form?
You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the registration from us. Two weeks before the seminar date, you will also receive the invitation by email.


Can I register without Internet access or email?
On request, we will fax you a registration form, which you can use to register.

Cancellation and changes

How can I modify the contact person or the email address for the invitations?
Please send an email with details of the company, the new contact person and/or the new email address to .

How can I cancel a seminar previously booked?
Please send an email including the following details to : Name of the participant, event date, venue and seminar topic as well as reason for cancellation.

How can I transfer a participant to a seminar on a different date?
Please send an email to including the following data: Name, surname, details about the original seminar (date, location, seminar topic) and the details about the new seminar (date, location, seminar topic). You will then be booked onto the new seminar.

Can I register a substitute participant for a seminar?
Please send an email including the following details to : Name of the registered participant, event date, venue and seminar topic. We will cancel the registered participant in the system and replace her/him with the substitute participant. Please let us have the private data of the substitute participant.

Further questions & answers according to topic

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