MAN Germany

The team bus for your club!

What is already part of every home and away match for the players of the German national football team, as well as FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and many other Bundesliga clubs, can also become a reality for your club:
Your own MAN team bus in your clubʼs design!

More than half of all clubs in the 1st Bundesliga have been putting their trust in the reliable MAN team buses for years. Now it’s your turn to drive your very own team bus in your clubʼs design.

How do you do this?
Simply contact a bus operator in your area and discuss the possibility of adding an MAN Lion’s Coach to their fleet to take your teams to their matches.

The customised full bodywork film coating of the bus is available from MAN!

Your club’s benefits:

  • Flagship for your club
  • Advertising space for sponsors
  • Professional appearance
  • Motivation for players
  • Comfortable journey

An MAN team bus is more than just a means of transport. Your own team bus will be your club’s flagship and increase its attractiveness for sponsors.

Watch the video of the 1. FC Düren team, whose players were provided with their own bus by MAN for the match of their lifetime against FC Bayern:

As an additional highlight, the first 5 buyers will receive an invitation to the exclusive MAN All-Star Match, where you will compete against the legends of FC Bayern Munich and experience 2 exciting days on Lake Garda.

Interested? Then apply right away via the contact form.