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Service and maintenance plans for MAN marine engines

At a glance

  • Reliable service life
    A regularly and professionally maintained engine achieves maximum service life and thus ensures an optimal cost-benefit ratio.
  • Value optimisation
    A complete maintenance history ensures that the value of your engine and thus your yacht is maintained.
  • Risk minimisation
    Expensive or irreparable engine damage can be prevented by regular maintenance.

For proper operation during your engine’s intended service life it is extremely important to have it serviced regularly. This way, you can significantly reduce the risk of irreparable engine damage and the associated additional costs. Only a maintained engine achieves the maximum service life and works reliably for its lifetime – an investment that pays off.

And this is precisely where MAN supports you with customised service and maintenance plans. Our recommendations include service intervals optimally matched to your engine – always with the aim of maximising the uptime of your engine and minimising the risk of failure. Based on our concept of continuous cost optimisation, we are constantly developing our maintenance and repair plans.

Use the engine documentation supplied with your purchase, consisting of the operator’s manual, the maintenance plan and a service DVD including all instructions.

You don’t have the materials at hand? Your service network will also be happy to help you. Please have your engine number at hand. You will find it on every engine type plate, in your maintenance record, the registration papers or on the engine next to the last cylinder on the power output side.

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