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Sustainable MAN Engines product range

MAN's vision is to make our customers' business easier – through leading sustainable solutions.

We want to live up to our social responsibility and see sustainability as a core element in order to survive in global competition. That's why we see this topic as an integral part of our corporate strategy. For this reason, we have anchored decarbonization as one of the central themes in our sustainability strategy.

The goal of MAN Engines - a business unit of MAN Truck & Bus - is to offer our customers solutions in agricultural and construction technology, for water and special vehicles as well as in power generation that do not release CO2 locally. Our aim is to support the business of large and small OEMs towards decarbonization with our products and services. We offer different solutions for a wide range of applications.

  • Consistently moving towards sustainability: MAN Engines is powering the green transformation and designing the drives of the future for its customers.

Products for a new era

We started contributing toward CO2 reduction early on with bridging technologies. We are constantly developing this element and rely on numerous technologies to achieve our decarbonisation goals.

Experts in conversation

Many people at MAN Engines and in other organisations are working hard on new drive solutions. We would like to introduce some of them and their visions of a sustainable future.

Werner Kübler: “We will need all technologies”

The Head of Development at MAN Engines foresees a combination of different drives in the future. MAN Engines is therefore developing various alternatives.

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Werner Kübler MAN Engines
Reiner Rößner MAN Engines – electric drive solutions

Reiner Rößner: “Tailored electric components for our customers”

In the future, MAN Engines will offer more and more electric drive solutions. In an interview, Head of Sales Reiner Rößner talks about possible products, useful applications and the benefits that MAN Engines can offer its customers.

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Ulrich Zimmer: “An essential step in the transformation”

MAN wants to become a global provider of environmentally friendly technologies. As a result, one of the company’s current investments is in a new battery factory in Nuremberg.

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Ulrich Zimmer MAN

Tailored for every application

Different applications require different drive solutions. That is why MAN Engines offers its customers the optimum solution for every application. The image shows how different the framework conditions are in various areas and which drive can meet which requirements.

Energy for a sustainable future

The future belongs to a smart mix of different drives. Even the internal combustion engine has a place here – after all, it too becomes sustainable when powered by climate-friendly energy sources. Whether biogas and sewage gas, an addition of hydrogen to natural gas, hydrogen engines or HVO as a diesel substitute, MAN Engines embodies the transformation and is driving forward sustainable solutions. Find out what the various alternatives involve here.

Climate-friendly movement

Many of the new technologies for CO₂ reduction are already available and are being used in practice. Others are still finding their feet, but have already given us an idea of their potential. Here, we use specific examples to show you what will keep our world moving tomorrow and beyond.

Partner of the Polish energy transition

Electricity and heat from biogas and special gases are also in vogue in Poland. MAN Engines supplies the right engines for this, which are being integrated into renewable energy systems by MAN partner Enervigo.

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Neste refinery

Heading for the pistes - with low emissions

Ski tourism is set to become more sustainable: MAN eBuses are already avoiding emissions during the journey to the lift. And snow groomers could soon be significantly more climate-friendly thanks to regenerative diesel (HVO) or hydrogen engines from MAN.

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Sewage sludge as a climate protector

More and more sewage treatment plants are generating their own electricity and heat. MAN gas engines are often the core element of the decentralised cogeneration units.

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Sewage treatment plants with MAN gas engines
Neste refinery

Neste – from waste to renewable diesel

The Finnish company Neste produces renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. Its raw materials include fish waste and used cooking oil.

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Hydrogen buses: an alternative with tradition

The MAN Group has been researching hydrogen drives for decades. MAN Truck & Bus exhibited the first hydrogen-powered bus in 1996. MAN Engines is building on this knowledge and looking at other applications

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Sustainability at MAN

Sustainability at MAN Truck & Bus

Sustainability has been an important issue at MAN Truck & Bus – the parent company of MAN Engines – for a long time. Six strategic areas of activity have been used to set out how ecological and social aspects as well as the principles of good corporate governance can be driven forward. The sustainability report summarises the activities and goals of MAN Truck & Bus as a commercial vehicle manufacturer.

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