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iSea, the intelligent marine electronics

iSea, the intelligent marine electronics

Intelligent monitoring system for main drives and auxiliaries

Important facts about iSea marine electronics for marine engines

Intelligent monitoring system for main drives and auxiliaries

Intelligent monitoring of main drives and attachments such as gearboxes and exhaust gas aftertreatment systems on luxury yachts, sports fishing boats and workboats – that’s MAN Engines iSea (intelligent safeguard of engines and auxiliaries). The new marine electronics iSea offers state-of-the-art technology, and it looks good: The optional iSea bridge display bears the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020”.

With its numerous connection options and interfaces, it fits in perfectly with the boundlessness of the oceans. At the same time, all MAN Engines components are perfectly coordinated and clearly laid out. iSea is the future that helps to keep an eye on the present.

iSea promises simplification, connectivity and added value

Outstanding and convenient functions such as electronics, bridge display and comfort throttle lever

Unlimited freedom through multifunctionality

Multifunctionality in a compact space with aesthetic appeal and timeless design: The 10" (or 7") diagonal MAN Engines iSea bridge display shows engine operating and control values, alarms, start/stop – but also comfort functions such as video transmission to the bathing platform. Thus, it replaces up to seven peripherals and provides a tidy and modern control panel on the bridge of yachts and workboats.

The low installation depth and the glass surface right up to the edge allow the display to merge with the control panel. The IPS (In-Plane Switching) display with wide viewing angle, high luminance and IP66/67 protection can be used without problems even under adverse conditions on open bridges (fly bridges). The touch screen and the simple menu structure allow intuitive operation by swiping.

Manoeuvring made easy

As a modern classic, the MAN comfort throttle lever is used for single or multi-engine systems with controllable pitch propellers and jet drives, but also with hybrid drives. At the touch of a button, multi-engine systems can be operated either separately or together – making manoeuvring more comfortable than ever before. With the MAN throttle lever in combination with the new iSea marine electronics, customers benefit from the following advantages:

  • Perfectly matched system ex works for more system safety, faster response and lower fuel consumption
  • Due to the integrated control board in the iSea E-Box, there is no need for an additional, separate control lever electronics box on the bridge and in the engine compartment
  • Convenient model predictive control (MPC) housed in the iSea E-Box to save space
  • Finally, relevant for many shipyards is the flexible use of the system for a wide range of vessel types from small non-classified boats to complex charter applications.

More space thanks to intelligent cabling

For the cabling of the iSea components, we use the proven CAN bus standard. The use of such a powerful and bi-directional data transmission reduces the number of cables between the e-box in the engine compartment and accessories such as displays and throttle levers in the cab and on the flybridge – not to mention the weight savings. With our decades of experience and knowledge of countless installations, we intelligently coordinate the cabling of the components in the overall system with each other and create a tidy appearance at the highest level. MAN Engines offers additional free space on the bridge for the discerning yacht owner by displaying up to three peripherals.

Larger displays for a better overview

Beyond the perfectly matched components of iSea, the iSea E-Box CAN bus offers additional possibilities. For customers whose needs go beyond 10" and 7" displays from MAN Engines, larger, external displays can be connected as an alternative. These communicate directly with the iSea E-Box via CAN J1939 and the I/O station. Engine parameters and alarms as well as alarm handling can then also be viewed and operated directly via this unit.

Innovative easy-to-use system

With eight possible freely programmable digital I/Os (input/output), ship owners and captains have the option of having the shipyard enter their own operating wishes into the system– for example, the indication that the bathing ladder to the platform is still extended or the camera signals to the tender garage. This represents an additional ship alarm system (integrated in the display). Furthermore, there is a freely programmed relay output on the display, which can be activated by pressing a button on the display.

Conveniently retrieve and evaluate consumption values and load spectra online

With the optional MAN Engines Marine Web interface remote control, owners and service companies have access to engine data to view and evaluate consumption values and load curves, as well as fault memory and alarm histories. If spare parts are needed, this is immediately apparent to the MAN service partners and the provision can be made without delay. Remote maintenance-based initial diagnosis also eliminates the need for on-site analysis, saving travel and labour costs.

Of course, all data protection regulations are observed when evaluating the engine data – we use a secure data connection for data transmission. The following evaluation options are possible in remote maintenance mode:

  • Client: Consumption values, speeds, emission memory, load spectra, alarm lists, snapshot of measured data
  • Service: Consumption values, speeds, emission memory, load spectra, alarm lists, error memory, online measurement data, alarm history

A sea of possibilities!

One thing is certain: The freedom of the seas and flexibility on board remain unrestricted. With the iSea marine electronics from MAN Engines, preferred components such as throttle lever or display can be operated in combination with the desired MAN engine – thanks to numerous connection options, a CAN converter and a monitoring CAN in accordance with the J1939 standard.

Save time and costs

Time is a precious commodity. That’s why we speed up troubleshooting and shorten the time required for it. With the convenient remote control (optional), MAN service staff can localise the causes in advance. Time-consuming troubleshooting is obsolete, everything necessary can be prepared by the service company. This is also facilitated by our optimised MAN CATS III software and hardware, which is used across the entire MAN Truck & Bus service network.

More space on the bridge and in the engine room

The possibility of displaying up to three peripheral devices (display, start-stop unit, emergency drive unit) in the iSea 7" bridge display offers users enormous savings potential. The simple, award-winning design of the iSea bridge display is further emphasised by its uncluttered appearance.

Even in the narrow engine room, there is no need for additional components that would normally require several control units, as these are housed in the iSea E-Box to save space – for example, the control system (MPC), the alarm system and the control unit of the iSea comfort throttle lever. Another advantage of the coordinated components within the MAN Engines iSea system is the low cable volume – the customer benefits from more order and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

iSea stands for “intelligent Safeguard of engines and auxiliaries” and means intelligent monitoring of main drives and attachments such as gearboxes and exhaust gas aftertreatment systems on MAN Marine engines.

As central control unit in the engine compartment of single- and multi-engine installations, iSea collects data on coolant and exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure, supply voltage, AdBlue quality and parameters of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system. These and more than 100 other engine operating values are collected, evaluated, monitored and recorded in the E-box, and are used to determine the operating condition of the engine. In addition, iSea checks all signals and commands given to the engine by the bridge display and comfort throttle lever. Visual and acoustic warnings inform the operator in case of a malfunction. These can be acknowledged via the iSea bridge display or directly on the engine.

MAN Engines iSea is available for all current engine series (D2676, D2868, D2862).

As the engine electronics are matched and certified to the respective engines, it is not possible to retrofit the latest marine electronics iSea to existing engines or engine systems. In case of a remotorisation with the latest engine series, the latest engine electronics are of course also used.

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