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At a glance

  • Low consumption
    The lighter MAN D15 engine, energy-efficient LED headlights and the optional automatic start-stop system help to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Increased capacity for passengers
    Reduced vehicle weight makes it possible to transport more passengers in the variable interior.
  • Proven MAN quality
    With constantly improving technologies, we bring a lot and many on the way – together with you.

One for all: MAN D15

The new light and economical engine is convincing in city bus use.

Driveline: The MAN D15 engine

A literally made to measure displacement of 9 l and 280 to 360 HP – the new MAN D15 engine has everything you need in city traffic. Of course, a sustainable exhaust aftertreatment system ensures clean solutions.

Lightweight and frugal.

Thanks to the slimmer engine and the lightweight design of the body-in-white structure, the new MAN Lion’s City weighs around 500 kg less. This is clearly reflected in the lower fuel consumption. The improved accessibility of the bus and the simpler design of the engine allow faster and thus cheaper maintenance.

Intelligent energy management with MAN Efficient Hybrid

MAN EfficientHybrid: Energy cleverly used

The optional MAN EfficientHybrid automatic start-stop system offers even more savings potential. It converts the energy generated during every braking process into electrical supply. An intelligent energy management system uses this energy for the vehicle electrical system and, in the event of a surplus, also for supply while driving. Using resources that would otherwise go unused hence achieve savings in fuel consumption.

To MAN EfficientHybrid

Every passenger counts

How we combine efficiency and comfort under one roof.

Lighter body-in-white structure, less weight

Less on, more in

The MAN Lion’s City has slimmed down: A new body-in-white structure in sandwich construction makes it possible. Valuable weight loss was achieved by using an aluminium roof frame and side walls made of high-strength steel and aluminium. In addition with the installed lighter engine, this results in more free capacity for your city bus.

Flexible interior

The bus of your choice

The design of the interior is totally up to you: Depending on requirements and intended use, you can flexibly change the proportion of seats and standing room. The high level of comfort remains the same.

Sophisticated technologies on the road

The MAN Lion’s City bus was designed with all eventualities in mind.

Clever driver’s workplace concept

Anyone who drives a city bus or manages a fleet day by day knows the ropes. We have gathered this precious knowledge to achieve the best result for you. In particular, the driver’s workplace has benefited from the close cooperation with our customers. And now you can benefit, too.

Made just for you.

Central aspects in the development were the modularity of the city buses and the variety of models that excellently cover every intended purpose. So we can always offer you the right bus with the right equipment.

Did you know that operating costs make up the second largest cost block of your TCO?

Compare the TCO now and save up to 16 % fuel with the new MAN Lion’s City EfficientHybrid.
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The MAN Lion’s City

  • Get started with 280-360 HP
  • MAN EfficientHybrid optional
  • Modern MAN design
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