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MAN Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic jam assist

At a glance

  • Less fatigue when driving in heavy traffic and traffic jams
    The traffic jam assist keeps the truck in the lane and at the required distance to the vehicle ahead.
  • Avoidance of tailgating and reduction of the collision risk
    On motorways or well-developed dual carriageways, the traffic jam assist automatically controls the driveline, the brakes and the steering.

Close, closer, stop.

In traffic jam situations on motorways, the traffic jam assist will brake to a standstill behind a stopping vehicle and then move off automatically again. It will guide the vehicle continuously and safely through any traffic jam by gentle steering interventions.

Detects the traffic ahead

A video camera installed behind the windscreen and a radar sensor in the bumper capture the traffic and lane markings.

Stopping and moving off

In the event of a traffic jam or stationary traffic, the MAN Traffic Jam Assist will automatically control the drive and brakes. The traffic jam assist maintains a constant distance to the vehicle ahead down to a standstill. If the traffic jam takes only a short time, it will move off again automatically.

Lane keeping

In addition to maintaining the distance to the vehicle in front, the traffic jam assist also keeps the vehicle in the lane by means of gentle steering interventions. To accomplish this, the system scans the lane markings.

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