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Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

At a glance

  • Early warning in the event of reduced attention
    Detects noticeable changes in steering behaviour and warns the driver.
  • A safety plus
    Helps increase safety and assists in the prevention of accidents.

Early warning in the event of anomalous driving behaviour

The enhanced MAN AttentionGuard attention assistant detects noticeable changes in steering behaviour as well as the first signs of reduced attention and alerts the driver accordingly. Above a speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) the system continuously evaluates parameters such as directional stability, steering behaviour, time of day and journey time, and uses this data to draw conclusions about the driver’s level of attention.

If the MAN AttentionGuard detects any noticeable changes in steering behaviour, it warns the driver and helps to prevent accidents . The warning can now also be given without the lane markings being crossed.

Warning on the display

If the MAN AttentionGuard detects the first signs of lack of concentration or overtiredness, the driver display shows the driver the message “Drive attentively!”.

Acoustic signal

This is accompanied by an acoustic signal which sounds once via the driver’s workplace speaker. The warnings then disappear automatically without requiring confirmation.

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