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The new MAN eTGX: The eTruck for long distances

A MAN eTGX driving over a bridge

The MAN eTGX electrifies long-haul transport

Daily range of up to 800 kilometres: The new MAN eTGX is competition for conventional semitrailer tractors when it comes to long distances. Whether as a semitrailer tractor or chassis variant with body: the new megawatt charging system gives the electric truck a charging capacity of up to 750 kW and can recharge to a range of up to 350 kilometres in breaks of approx. 45 minutes – perfect for covering long distances. And after work, drivers can relax in the comfortable rest area in the cab. The MAN eTGX is also environmentally friendly and quiet, benefiting both drivers and residents alike. Inclusive and always on board: MAN DigitalServices such as MAN eManager or MAN SmartRoute.

Front view of MAN eTGX

MAN eTGX: a new era of long-haul transport

Powerful long-distance runner: High efficiency and payloads, relaxed driving comfort and a daily range of up to 800 kilometres make the MAN eTGX an electric champion for versatile long-haul transport use – whether as a standard and extreme semitrailer tractor or a vehicle for swap bodies.

MAN cabs for the MAN e TGX

Pleasant driving experience: The right cab for almost every use

Our MAN GX cab offers working, living and sleeping comfort in XXL format and is therefore ideal for long journeys in international long-haul transport.
GX cab – The maximum
  • For journeys in international long-haul transport
  • Extra large storage space
  • Extra high interior
  • Effective acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable beds
To MAN GX cab
Our MAN GM cab can be used universally in long-haul transport. It offers a driver-focused, ergonomic cockpit and generous living and sleeping comfort.
GM cab – The generous
  • For a wide range of applications in long-haul transport
  • Generous storage space
  • Over 1.85 m standing height
  • Effective acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable beds
To MAN GM cab
Our MAN GN driver’s cab convinces with its low tare weight, excellent superstructure capability and spacious on-board comfort.
GN cab – The spacious
  • For occasional overnight stays on the road
  • Very good superstructure capability
  • Lots of freedom of movement
  • Effective acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable bed
To MAN GN cab

Smart design, powerful functions

Digital cockpit, flexible interfaces: Excellent driving and more efficient work with the MAN eTGX

Fully digital instrument cluster

Fully digital instrument cluster

Clear overview: The new standard view of the high-resolution 12.3-inch colour display impresses with its intuitive operation and clear presentation of key vehicle data. The semi-circular scaling of the speedometer and rev counter create more space in the centre for additional information such as electric PTOs.

Calm display mode

Calm display mode

Focus on the situation on the road: The new calm display mode shows only the most essential driving information at a glance. It can be activated manually and switches on automatically when reversing.

Versatile PTOs

Versatile PTOs

Flexible and adaptable: Superbly harmonious body interfaces make it safe and easy to integrate additional mechanical PTOs and electric interfaces – for even more active support for your job.

The heart of the MAN eTGX: the battery

MAN batteries

Use of an emission-free truck driveline depends entirely on one thing: the battery. This is why the batteries installed in the new MAN eTGX were specifically designed for use in the new electric truck at the MAN location in Nuremburg. In this way, expertise in one of the most vital technical components of the MAN eTGX is retained in-house. Depending on the purpose for which you need the electric truck, various capacities are available up to 480 kWh – ensuring daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres as long as you comply with break/charging times. Thanks to the new megawatt charging of up to 750 kW, it only takes around 45 minutes for flat battery packs to recharge. By the way: In future, it should even be possible to hit daily ranges of up to 1,000 kilometres – a major plus for use in long-haul transport.

More information about charging times

Battery packs in MAN eTGX Usable battery capacity Max. range for solo vehicle in distribution transport (0.8 kWh/km) Max. range for vehicle combination in long-haul transport
(1.2 kWh/km)
Payload MAN eTruck 1 2 Recommended use of MAN eTGX
Chassis variants          
6 battery packs 480 kWh 600 km 400 km 16.3 t Max. range for long-haul transport
5 battery packs 400 kWh 500 km 325 km 17.1 t High range for long-haul transport
4 battery packs 320 kWh 400 km 260 km 18.0 t Typical daily average mileage in distribution transport
3 battery packs 240 kWh 300 km 195 km 18.8 t Maximum payload in distribution transport with restricted range
Semitrailer variants Usable battery capacity Max. range for solo vehicle in distribution transport (0.8 kWh/km) Max. range for vehicle combination in long-haul transport
(1.2 kWh/km)
Payload MAN eTruck 1 3 Recommended use of MAN eTGX
6 battery packs 480 kWh - 400 km 9.5 t Max. range for long-haul transport
5 battery packs 400 kWh - 325 km 10.3 t Compromise between payload and range in long-haul or distribution transport
4 battery packs 320 kWh - 260 km 11.2 t Typical daily average mileage in distribution transport
  1. Approx. up to, for MAN eTGX semitrailer, 4x2, BL with GX cab; or MAN eTGX chassis, 6x2-, BL, with GX cab.
  2. Theoretical payload for body and cargo
  3. Theoretical fifth-wheel coupling load

MAN e TGX battery maintenance and repair

Consultation next to a MAN electric truck

Well maintained is half the battle

The battery-specific maintenance intervals depend heavily on the deployment profile of the new MAN eTGX. They are therefore calculated and determined individually for each vehicle. Continuous analyses of the battery data help with this. MAN ServiceCare combines this data into a maintenance plan that your MAN service outlet can proactively discuss with you.

Average use of the new MAN eTrucks can be less maintenance- and wear-intensive than for diesel vehicles – though this depends heavily on the individual purpose of use.

Battery installed in a MAN electric truck

Repair, not replace

The high-voltage battery packs are a major part of the acquisition costs for an electric truck. It therefore makes economic and ecological sense to repair the battery cost-effectively rather than replacing it entirely when it comes to the most frequent faults. Defective cells, faulty battery management system components or leaks in the cooling circuit: the teams in our MAN service bases will be able to rectify these and many other faults in future. We are currently working on typical fault patterns, diagnostic software and suitable repair methods so that they will be ready for use by the service bases when production of the electric truck starts. Another step towards a more sustainable future.

Close-up view of a battery installed in a MAN electric truck

Battery removal made easy

The high-voltage battery packs developed by MAN mean that the battery packs can be removed quickly at the side. This normally takes a lot of time and is very expensive, particularly for vehicles with bodies attached. After disconnecting the peripheral lines, all you have to do to remove the MAN eTGX batteries is loosen the locking screws and slide the battery pack out to the side – a real time-saver.


  4x2 semitrailer 4x2 chassis 6x2 chassis
Range 260–400 km 195–600 km 195–600 km
Battery packs 4–6 3–6 3–6
Battery capacity 320–480 kWh 240–480 kWh 240–480 kWh
Gross vehicle weight/gross trailer weight -/Up to 44 t Up to 20/44 t Up to 28/44 t
Payload 9.5–11.2 t 16.3–18.8 t 16.3–18.8 t
MAN Service consultation

Absolutely eReady: MAN eMobility services

Alongside eMobility-specific services such as MAN eManager and MAN SmartRoute, you can also make use of further services with the MAN eTGX – from MAN Now to MAN service contracts.
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Happy to help: with MAN 360° eMobility consultation

MAN Transport Solutions

As the transport industry transforms, we can naturally offer you customised solutions for your MAN eTGX that take your needs into full consideration both during the purchase process and during use. Our range of services includes an interactive personal assessment of electrification potential, a comprehensive consulting and financing service for your entire vehicle fleet, and data-driven route analysis and TCO optimisation. Please contact our MAN Transport Solutions colleagues to find out more.

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