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Active steering system: MAN ComfortSteering

At a glance

  • Electronic control unit
    Reduced strain on the driver by adjusting the steering forces to match the driving situation
  • Assistance at high speed
    Directional stability at higher speeds through reduced steering torque
  • Even greater safety
    Allows the application of additional assistance systems

Comfortable steering

The electronically controlled MAN ComfortSteering system enhances the hydraulic steering system of your MAN truck with additional steering torque from an electric motor. The electronic control unit ensures that the ideal amount of electric steering force is provided in every driving situation.

Addition or subtraction of steering torque

The sensors of the assistance system evaluate the steering inputs as well as vehicle data such as speed and loading. Depending on the driving situation, the active comfort steering supports your steering manoeuvres by adding or subtracting steering torque. If released, the steering wheel automatically returns to the central position.

Comfortable manoeuvring

When manoeuvring, you benefit from the power-assisted support of additional electronic steering torque. Your MAN truck can be manoeuvred with particularly high precision and little effort.

Utmost directional stability

At higher speed, the active steering system: reduces the steering force automatically by subtracting the electronic steering torque. This makes maintaining directional stability easier for you.

Expandable basic equipment

MAN ComfortSteering offers you a significant improvement in comfort when steering. Independent of the axle configuration, we always offer you the system in conjunction with a small steering wheel diameter of 460 mm and a more direct steering transmission ratio. With MAN ComfortSteering your truck also has the required basic equipment to be able to benefit from other MAN assistance systems – for example the MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA) .

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