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Adaptive Cruise Control

At a glance

  • Controls the distance
    Controls the speed and keeps your truck at a constant safe distance from the vehicle ahead
  • Relieves the strain in heavy traffic and congestion
    Thanks to the Stop & Go function, your truck brakes automatically in a traffic jam or in slow-moving traffic and also moves off again after short stops

Keeping a reliable distance

The MAN ACC Stop & Go Adaptive Cruise Control controls the speed of your truck while keeping a constant distance to the traffic ahead. The Stop & Go function now also allows for using the system in traffic jams or slow-moving traffic.

Two sensor systems: Radar and camera

MAN ACC Stop & Go works with two independent sensor systems: Radar and camera. The radar sensor measures the distance, position and speed of the truck ahead. In addition, the video camera behind the windscreen features object recognition and detects the lane markings. In this way, the vehicle ahead can be reliably detected even in complex road conditions and poor visibility.

Great ease of use

The multifunction steering wheel allows you to easily determine the desired speed of your truck. This speed is held without needing to operate the accelerator pedal. In addition, you can set the desired safe distance to the vehicle ahead in four different levels. When the road is clear, the vehicle accelerates to the desired speed set by the driver. If the system detects slower vehicles ahead, speed and distance are adjusted automatically.

Stop & Go function

The Stop & Go function also allows for using the adaptive cruise control in traffic jams or slow-moving traffic. If the traffic comes to a halt, your truck will brake automatically to a standstill and move off automatically again after a stop of less than two seconds. If stopped for more than two seconds, the service brake is automatically applied. The vehicle then moves off by operating the accelerator pedal or a button on the multifunction steering wheel.

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