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Converter automatic gearboxes: MAN PowerMatic

Animation for converter automatic gearboxes: MAN PowerMatic

At a glance

  • High driving comfort
    Virtually wear-free, precise starting and manoeuvring – even on inclines.
  • Rapid acceleration
    Gearshifts without interrupting the traction enable high acceleration.
  • Coordinated strategies
    Suitable gearshift strategies for a wide range of applications.

Automatic gearshift functions for increased performance, comfort and efficiency

Fuel-efficient and powerful: The MAN PowerMatic is a converter automatic gearbox that automatically executes the gearshift strategy and shifting process. The hydrodynamic torque converter enables both particularly powerful and virtually wear-free starting and sensitive, precise manoeuvring – ideal for municipal applications or urban distribution transport. The low unladen weight of the MAN PowerMatic also ensures a high payload.

Optimum start-up and gear-shifting strategy

The MAN PowerMatic automatically selects the appropriate starting gear depending on the load condition and gradient. In addition, the automatic gearbox enables application-specific optimisation of the driveline by means of 6 driving programs: Collect, Emergency, Manoeuvre, Efficiency, Individual and Off-Road.

Smooth gear changes

Thanks to the integrated multidisc clutches, gear changes can be carried out without the tractive effort being interrupted, even under load. This allows the truck to accelerate extremely rapidly and is ideal for authorities and emergency vehicles.

Convenient direction change

The automatic direction change system makes it easier to switch between forward and reverse.

Application-orientated solution: Power take-offs ex works

With the PowerMatic, new power take-off options mounted on the side of the gearbox are available ex works – various designs in the 3 o’clock position available. Another feature exclusive to MAN is higher performance power take-offs in the 11 o’clock position for special applications such as fire fighting. Both power take-offs can also be combined.

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