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SCS Side camera system

At a glance

  • No more blind spots
    Greater safety when turning, manoeuvring and changing lanes thanks to 150° wide-angle camera on the cab side
  • Proactive Warning
    Ultrasonic sensors capture objects in the immediate vicinity

Be sure when it’s safe to move

When checking the rear-view mirror or side mirrors, there's always a blind spot. Other road users and obstacles simply cannot be seen in this area from the driver's seat. Eliminate this risk: Thanks to the support provided by the MAN side camera system, you have a reliable view of everything when turning and changing lanes.

Detects the blind spot

The MAN Side Camera System captures the previously invisible area next to your vehicle. This is made possible by a 150° wide-angle camera, which is mounted externally on the side of the driver’s cab. It detects the blind spot and transmits the video image in real time, either to the vehicle display on the dashboard or to an additional monitor mounted on the co-driver’s side.

Additional ultrasonic sensors

For even greater safety, we also offer you additional ultrasonic sensors for the camera system as special equipment: The sensors, which are mounted on the front and co-driver’s side of the vehicle, continuously capture the immediate vicinity. If another road user approaches the vehicle, an optical signal will inform you immediately. An additional acoustic signal sounds if an obstacle is within the hazard zone when you are getting ready to drive off.

Benefit from increased safety with our innovative camera systems

For new vehicles as well as your existing vehicles: We can equip your vehicles with custom camera systems depending on your requirements. We provide free advice and would be pleased to prepare an offer for your vehicle.

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