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Hydrostatic front-axle drive

At a glance

  • Masters difficult terrain
    Increased traction and directional stability on soft surfaces and in winter road conditions.
  • For temporarily increased traction requirements
    Extends the range of applications of road vehicles by temporarily increasing traction, can also be engaged while driving or when the rear wheels spin.
  • More payload
    Significant weight advantage over comparable vehicles with conventional all-wheel drive.

More traction for short periods in difficult terrain

The switchable hydrostatic MAN HydroDrive front-wheel drive is the ideal drive concept for vehicles used mainly on the road, which sometimes have increased traction requirements. The additional traction increases driving safety and expands the range of applications of your vehicle.

The hydrostatic axle drive weighs up to 750 kg less than a comparable vehicle with conventional all-wheel drive, thus increasing your payload.

Typical driving situations where MAN HydroDrive can be engaged include:

  • Unsurfaced roads, such as country lanes and construction sites
  • Slippery subsurfaces, such as mud, ice and snow
  • Route profiles with hilly topography

More tractive force, less wear

Better traction and driving stability, particularly on slippery surfaces: The new electronic traction control system (ASR) can prevent the drive wheels from spinning, and is now available for trucks equipped with MAN HydroDrive . The result: more tractive power and less tyre wear!

More traction in a instant

The hydrostatic front-axle drive can also be engaged while driving under load in situations where more traction is required for a short time. It switches off automatically when the vehicle reaches a driving speed of approximately 28 km/h. If the speed drops below 23 km/h, it automatically switches back on. With torque of up to 14,500 Nm, the additional drive provides noticeably more directional stability.

Fast extra power for slopes

MAN HydroDrive combined with the differential lock is your backup for routes with particularly mountainous topography. The hydrostatic drive provides significantly more traction even on slopes with loose road surfaces. In traction critical situations, a turn of a rotary switch is all you need to give you optimal drive, in forward gears as well as reverse.

Efficient braking – without fail

Downhill, MAN HydroDrive with the continuous brake engaged also acts on the front axle, thus stabilising the vehicle. Increased safety for you. Less wear on your brakes. And in combination with the MAN PriTarder, a wear-free additional brake which acts directly on the engine, MAN HydroDrive always has the highest braking force available.

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