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Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

At a glance

  • Dynamic stability
    In case of critical lateral acceleration, a preventive speed reduction takes effect.
  • Accident prevention
    If an inside wheel is lifted off a curve, overturning is prevented by strong braking.
  • Support in critical events
    Compensatory braking supports the driver in critical driving conditions.

Stable in every situation

Accident avoidance always means reducing downtimes, safely bringing passengers to their destination and not endangering the health of the driver, passengers and other road users. The electronic stability program ESP supports the driver in critical driving situations such as skidding or imminent tipping over when driving too fast in curves. A vehicle with ESP is fitted with a steering angle sensor, yaw rate sensor and an acceleration sensor.

Active solutions in case of danger


If the vehicle understeers (pushes over the front wheels), the Dynamic Stability Program (DSP) compensates by braking the inside rear wheel.


Oversteer (rear skid) is prevented by braking the outer front wheel.


Before reaching a critical lateral acceleration, the Roll-Over-Prevention (ROP) reduces the speed preventively by engine torque reduction or braking.

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