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MAN Lane ­ Change Support

Animation of the MAN Lane Change Support

At a glance

  • Monitoring the areas next to the vehicles
    Radar sensors monitor the areas to the left and right of your bus.
  • Safety when changing lanes
    The system warns drivers visually and acoustically of dangerous situations when changing lanes.

Monitoring with vision

The MAN Lane Change Support provides safety and facilitates manoeuvring from one lane to another – even in the heaviest traffic. The system uses radar sensors to monitor the areas to the left and right of your vehicle from a driving speed of 50 km/h (31 mph), thus supporting safe lane changes. The range is about 8 metres to the front, about 80 metres to the rear and about 4.5 metres to the side, covering a radius of about 180°. If the sensors detect a dangerous situation when initiating a lane change, the driver is warned in a three-stage cascade, which significantly helps reducing the risk of a collision with other road users.

Stage 1

If MAN Lane Change Support detects a moving object in the right-hand warning area, an luminous LED module on the A-pillar alerts drivers to the situation. This allows them to estimate when it is safe to use the turn indicator to change lanes.

Stage 2

If the course of movement will likely lead to a collision, further warning stages will be triggered on the A-pillar depending on the urgency. Stage 2: All three LED modules on the corresponding side indicate the danger.

Stage 3

If the driver must intervene immediately to prevent a collision, level 3 is activated: All three respective LED lights will flash, accompanied by an acoustic signal tone.

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