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Electronic brake system (EBS) & MAN BrakeMatic

At a glance

  • Reliable braking safety in every situation
    The braking systems enable a set speed to be constantly maintained when driving downhill and ensure high driving stability and steering ability even during emergency braking.
  • Improved traction and stability
    In the event of sudden loss of traction, the components of the electronic brake system prevent breakaway and ensure sufficient tractive force, even on slippery surfaces.
  • Easing the load on the driver
    The driver is not distracted by having to use the continuous brake.

Thoughtful brakes

The MAN BrakeMatic Maximum speed control enables the downhill driving speed set by the cruise control or brake pedal to be held constant by automatically activating the continuous brakes. This relieves the driver and increases driving safety. In addition, compliance with the maximum permissible speed of 100 km/h is guaranteed.

Triple security in one system

No locking wheels

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) uses sensors to detect the speed of every wheel during braking and adjusts the brake pressure individually at each wheel, thus preventing the wheel from locking. Vehicle directional stability and manoeuvrability remain assured even for emergency braking on a slippery roadway.

No spinning of the wheels

With anti-slip control (ASR), the electronic brake system (EBS) can combine ASR engine control and ASR brake control. Spinning of the drive wheels when starting or accelerating is prevented by reducing the engine torque and thus the drive slip.

No loss of traction

For ASR brake management, the EBS control unit uses the same wheel speed sensors as for the ABS, although it only affects the drive wheels. Should only one wheel of the drive axle spin, the differential transmits the remaining drive torque to the other wheel with traction.

High safety in every driving situation


The MAN BrakeMatic continuous braking function starts at a speed 2 km/h higher than the speed set with the cruise control speed. When the vehicle is braked with the brake pedal on a downhill gradient, the speed is stored that was reached when the brakes were released. The set speed is maintained over downhill gradients by operating the standard intarder and retarder.


Thanks to the Maximum Speed Control (MSC), the standard continuous brakes engage and keep the vehicle below the maximum speed at all times when the maximum permissible speed of 100 km/h is reached.


The EBS electronic brake system ensures that the vehicle remains directionally stable and steerable even during emergency braking on slippery roads. The ASR prevents the drive wheels from spinning when driving off or accelerating. Wheel spinning is detected by the EBS control unit using wheel speed sensors.

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