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MAN Turn Assist

The MAN turn assist helps the driver to recognise cyclists

At a glance

  • Securing the co-driver’s side
    Radar sensors monitor blind spots and areas difficult to see.
  • Three-stage warning cascade
    Visual signals are warning depending on the urgency required for the driver to intervene.
  • Prevention of dangerous situations
    The driver can react early to impending collisions – for example with pedestrians or cyclists.

Sees much more than two eyes

Despite the highest level of attentiveness, two eyes alone are sometimes not enough to maintain a full overview in busy inner-city traffic – especially in critical situations such as turning manoeuvres. In these cases, the MAN turn assist offers the driver active support in recognising weaker road users such as pedestrians or cyclists. Radar sensors integrated into the right-hand side wall reliably detect objects within a radius of almost 180° on the poorly visible co-driverʼs side. If there is a risk of a collision, the system reliably warns the driver in a three-stage cascade as soon as the speed drops below 30 km/h (19 mph).

Stage 1

If there is a moving object in the warning area, a luminous LED module on the A-pillar alerts the driver to the situation, for example if weaker road users approach the blind spot.

Stage 2

If the anticipated course of movement will likely lead to a collision, further warning stages will be triggered on the A-pillar depending on the urgency. Stage 2: All three LED modules will light up.

Stage 3

If immediate driver intervention is required to prevent a collision, level 3 is activated: All three LED lights will flash, accompanied by an acoustic signal tone.

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