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MAN Traffic Jam Assist: MAN Traffic Jam Assist

MAN Traffic Jam Assist: MAN Traffic Jam Assist

At a glance

  • Less fatigue when driving in heavy traffic and traffic jams
    The traffic jam assist keeps the coach in the lane and at the required distance to the vehicle ahead.
  • Avoids tailgating and reduces the risk of collision
    On motorways, the traffic jam assist automatically controls the driveline, the brakes and the steering.
  • Comfortable operation via the assistance menu
    All relevant information can be called up via the digital driver’s display view using the menu control via the multifunction steering wheel.

Stay relaxed in traffic jams

Congestion situations can be tiring, especially over longer distances, although they actually require the driver’s full attention. The MAN Traffic Jam Assist continuously takes over vehicle guidance in queuing traffic and traffic jams on suitable routes. The system brakes to a standstill behind a stopping vehicle and, if the stop is short, moves off automatically again. It will guide the coach continuously and comfortably through any traffic jam by gentle steering interventions. In this way, the assistant relieves drivers and provides support for enhanced safety in stop-and-go traffic.

Detects the traffic ahead

The system monitors the lane ahead and the traffic ahead with a sensor installed in the front of the vehicle and a camera placed behind the windscreen. It can be activated up to a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) and can remain active up to a maximum of 60 km/h (37 mph).

Stopping and moving off

In the event of a traffic jam or queuing traffic, the MAN Traffic Jam Assist will automatically control the drive and brakes. In this way, the system maintains the distance to the vehicle ahead until it comes to a standstill. If the traffic jam takes only a short time, the coach will move off again automatically.

Lane keeping

In addition, the traffic jam assist also reliably keeps the lane by means of gentle steering interventions while scanning the lane markings. These gentle corrections are carried out by the active MAN Comfort Steering system.

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