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Camera ­ based speed ­ alert: MAN Traffic ­ Sign ­ Detection

MAN Traffic Sign Detection

At a glance

  • Early warning for speed violations
    Detects when the speed limit is exceeded and warns the driver.
  • A safety plus
    Assists in preventing accidents and can avoid unnecessary costs.

Early safety reminder

So that the driver can maintain oversight in a sea of signs: The traffic sign detection system detects the signage on the road in front of the bus thanks to a camera on the windscreen and reliably shows the currently applicable requirements on the 12-inch driver’s display. If, for example, the speed limit is exceeded, the system reminds the driver of the current regulations using visual and acoustic warnings. The tolerance of the warning signal can be individually adjusted in the vehicle menu, for infringements from 0 to 3 km/h.

In coaches with a navigation system, the system can even display regulations such as bans on entry, height and weight restrictions or specific hazards – caused, for example, by traffic jams. In this way, it not only relieves the driver, but it can also help prevent accidents.

Warning on the display

The maximum permissible speed, overtaking bans and other restrictions are shown to the driver in the instrumentation display. In the event of speeding, conflicts with overtaking bans or other regulations , the corresponding indicators flash.

Acoustic signal

This is accompanied by an acoustic signal for speeding and violations of overtaking bans and restrictions , which sounds once over the loudspeakers at the driver’s workplace.

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