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GPS-assisted Cruise Control: MAN EfficientCruise

At a glance

  • Driving with foresight
    The EfficientCruise GPS-assisted cruise control detects the course of the route up to three kilometres (two miles) in advance.
  • Increased fuel economy
    Gear and speed are automatically adjusted to ensure economical driving.
  • Added value for driver and environment
    The intervention of the cruise control increases the comfort for the driver and supports a consumption-oriented driving style.

Save with foresight

The new generation of EfficientCruise now allows for even more anticipatory driving: The GPS-assisted cruise control detects up and downward gradients along the route up to three kilometres (two miles) in advance and can adjust the selected gear and speed to achieve optimum economy whilst driving. Using GPS forecast, rolling is also intelligently controlled now – thanks to innovative technology. Once again, we have significantly expanded the potential for fuel savings.

The intelligent combination of MAN EfficientCruise and EfficientRoll relieves the driver so that he can concentrate fully on his driving task.

Added value for driver and environment

Set desired speed

The driver can simply select the desired speed and one of the four possible speed tolerance levels (ECO Level I – IIII). Level I denotes the smallest deviation from the set speed, Level IIII the greatest. The latter allows maximum fuel savings and is ideal for light traffic on motorways and country roads.

Intelligent rolling

Using GPS forecast, rolling is also intelligently controlled. Even on a slight downhill slope, the transmission automatically shifts to the neutral position “N”. Thus the momentum is maintained and the vehicle loses speed less quickly than with an engaged gear. The combination with EfficientRoll can save even more fuel than before.

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