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MAN turn assist

MAN turn assist

At a glance

  • Securing the co-driver’s side
    Areas which are difficult to see are monitored by radar sensors.
  • Three-stage warning cascade
    Visual and acoustic signals are warning depending on how urgent it is for the driver to intervene.
  • Prevention of dangerous situations
    The driver can react early to possible collisions – for example with pedestrians or cyclists.

Two pairs of eyes are better than one

With three-stage warning cascade for more safety.

MAN Truck with activated warning cascade.

The MAN turn assist gives early warning if vulnerable road users approach the blind spot.

In today’s traffic, drivers actually need a few extra eyes. This is what the MAN Truck Generation offers: Two radar sensors, located one above the other, keep an eye on everything within a radius of almost 180° on the co-driver’s side as soon as the speed is below 30 km/h (17 mph).

Stage 1

If a moving object is detected in the warning area while the indicator is on and the wheels are turned into a large angle, stage 1 comes into action: One of the three LED lights on the A-pillar will light up.

Stage 2

If the course of movement will likely lead to a collision, further warning stages will be triggered on the A-pillar depending on the urgency. Stage 2: All three LED lights will light up.

Stage 3

If immediate driver intervention is required to prevent a collision, level 3 is activated: All three LED lights will flash.

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