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Trailer connection

Connects what belongs together – truck & trailer. Our coupling heads are particularly robust and durable. Even when exposed to rough handling, the coupling heads do not break. The special alloy of the coupling heads offers optimum protection against corrosion.

Colour-coded, non-interchangeable and built according to DIN ISO 1728.


Operating pressure 0 to 10 bar

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.51220-6068 Coupling head vehicle stock, red All trucks and buses
81.51220-6075 Coupling head trailer stock, red
81.51220-6069 Coupling head vehicle brake, yellow
81.51220-6038 Coupling head trailer brake, yellow
81.51220-6120 Quick coupling Duomatic vehicle with lever
81.51220-6121 Quick coupling Duomatic trailer without lever
82.51220-6027 Quick coupling Duomatic vehicle without lever
81.96341-0029 Spiral hose 4 m M16X1.5-M18X1.5
81.96340-0880 Spiral hose 4 m M16X1.5-M16X1.5
81.96340-0986 Spiral hose 4 m M18X1.5-M18X1.5
81.25411-6061 Spiral cable 7-pin DIN 7638 (EBS)
81.25411-6062 Spiral cable 15-pin DIN 12098
81.25411-6063 Spiral cable 7-pin DIN 3731 type S
81.25411-6064 Spiral cable 7-pin DIN 1185 type N
81.25411-6066 Spiral cable 15-pin DIN 12098 to 2x7-pin (DIN1185/DIN3731)
81.25432-6201 Socket with cable 7-pin 24 V 1200 mm/DIN 1185 type N
81.25432-6202 Socket with cable 7-pin 24 V 1200 mm/DIN 3731 type S
81.25432-6214 Socket with cable 13-pin 24 V 1200 mm
81.25432-6215 Socket with cable 13-pin 24 V 2500mm
81.25432-6212 Socket with cable 15-pin 24 V 1200 mm/DIN 12098
88.25432-6034 Adapter 15-pin DIN 12098 to 2x7-pin (DIN1185/DIN3731)


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