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  • Possible range of up to 350 kilometres on a single battery charge
    With the MAN Lion’s City E, a range of up to 350 kilometres is possible, depending on the battery usage strategy. In the eBus Efficiency Run, our electric bus even managed 550 kilometres .
  • Additional energy with every braking process
    Thanks to an anticipatory driving style, the MAN Lion’s City E achieves outstanding efficiency. In addition, the range is extended by recovering energy during each braking process.
  • Show us your road – we show you a safe bus model
    The all-electric city bus in three available lengths allows a high degree of operational flexibility. Assistance systems such as the optionally available MAN OptiView mirror replacement system can contribute to increased safety.

Award winning

Award Logo: Sustainable Bus of the Year 2024
busplaner innovation award 2023
busplaner innovation award 2023
The Lionʼs City 10 E in urban traffic.


With a vehicle length of 10.5 metres, the all-electric MAN Lionʼs City 10 E is a compact and extremely manoeuvrable all-rounder. Its compact dimensions, record-breaking turning circle of 17.2 metres and a wheelbase of only 4.4 metres make the latest member of the MAN Lionʼs City E family the ideal solution for narrow roads in urban regular service.

Lithium-ion battery modules

Lithium-ion battery modules

MAN’s modular battery concept offers you the option of flexibly adapting the number of battery packs to your individual needs. You can specifically control the charging time, the number of passengers and the range according to your wishes by opting for more or fewer battery packs: For each additional battery pack, the electric bus gains range – for each pack removed, passenger capacity increases and the charging time shortens.

Whatever you decide: All battery packs can be fully charged in two and a half to five hours.

Depending on the length of your MAN electric bus, a different number of battery packs is available:

  • MAN Lion’s City 10 E: four to five battery packs with a capacity of 320 to 400 kWh
  • MAN Lion’s City 12 E: four to six battery packs with a capacity of 320 to 480 kWh
  • MAN Lion’s City 18 E: six to eight battery packs with a capacity of 480 to 640 kWh
  • Powerful charging capacity: up to 150 kW

Electric central motor

Electric central motor

Alternative drives are conquering the roads, and the electric variant presents itself as one of the most consistent implementations with 0 % emissions. The engine operates super silently and without producing any local exhaust fumes. This makes a decisive difference to the environment, the city’s image and your passengers – particularly in regard to the long range of the MAN Lion’s City E: up to 350 km . You alone determine the route, because the bus can also travel in zones that are closed to combustion engines.

  • Solobus: Continuous/maximum power 160/240 kW
  • Articulated bus: Continuous/maximum power 267/320 kW
  • Single-stage adapter gearbox for smooth acceleration

MAN Lion’s City 10 E
MAN Lion’s City 10 E

  • Length: 10.5 metres
  • No. of seats: 33
  • Engine: Electric central motor

Technical data sheet
The MAN Lion’s City 12 E
MAN Lion’s City 12 E

  • Length: 12.2 metres
  • No. of seats: 45
  • Engine: Electric central motor

Technical data sheet
The MAN Lion’s City 18 E
MAN Lion’s City 18 E

  • Length: 18.1 metres
  • No. of seats: 60
  • Engine: Two driven axles, two electric central motors

Technical data sheet

As flexible as your operating range:
The MAN Lion’s City E’s battery usage strategy

Electric bus fleets and their advantages for the city.

A diagram shows the “Reliable Range” battery usage strategy.

Consistently reliable ranges of up to 270 km 1) are available with the “Reliable Range” battery usage strategy: With a limited charging stroke, sufficient reserves remain available to ensure the same high range over the entire service life.

A diagram shows the “Maximum Range” battery usage strategy.

If a higher daily range of up to 350 km 1) is requested, the “Maximum Range” battery usage strategy is ideal. The extended charging window provides more energy per charge so that the daily range can be increased depending on the situation. This pays off especially for longer distances, extreme temperatures or diversion routes.

Charging infrastructure from a single source

Benefit from our all-round carefree package: We not only supply you with a future-proof electric bus, but also take care of a perfectly matching charging infrastructure solution – whether via cable or pantograph. You receive charging technology that is ideally matched to your vehicle, optionally including installation and maintenance – all from a single source.

More about the charging infrastructure

Details on MAN city buses with electric drives
MAN’s CO2 air-conditioning system.

Climate protection using CO2

A carbon dioxide-based air-conditioning system is optionally available for the MAN Lion’s City E. This new air-conditioning system has several advantages: Climate-neutral carbon dioxide is cheaper than the conventional refrigerant R134a – while protecting the environment. In addition, a CO2 air-conditioning system requires less energy and is therefore more efficient, which can positively influence the range of your electric bus.

The MAN Lion’s City E can be seen on a display panel inside a MAN e-bus with spacious interior.

Creating space sustainably

With alternative drives, things are moving up: Our batteries are installed on the roof. This frees up space that would otherwise be taken up by the engine tower. This means more capacity for you and greater comfort for your passengers.

How to drive an electric bus?

E Bus Transport Solutions tutorial video

Maximum efficiency: With the MAN Lion’s City E and MAN Transport Solutions

How can electric buses be used efficiently and run as economically as possible? What charging options are available and how does recuperation work? In the video you can find out all details about the technology of the MAN Lion’s City E – and also how MAN Transport Solutions can support you with the electrification of your fleet.

More about MAN Transport Solutions

Efficiency Run explanatory video

Economical driving with the MAN Lion’s City E

Sascha Böhnke, bus tester and specialist journalist for the “Omnibusrevue” magazine, has tested the MAN Lion’s City E. He accompanied the MAN eBus Efficiency Run and explains in the video that a driver with anticipatory driving style can achieve an enormous savings potential thanks to recuperation.

Efficiency Run Video


With our electric bus, fleet managers can plan for a range of up to 350 kilometres  – which significantly increases the MAN Lion’s City E’s operational flexibility. The decisive factor here is to select between two different battery usage strategies: For a consistently reliable range of 270 km , the “Reliable Range” battery usage strategy is available. The MAN Lion’s City E covers the further distance of up to 350 km with the “Maximum Range” strategy.


During the MAN eBus Efficiency Run, our electric bus has impressively proven that distances over 350 kilometres are possible under good everyday conditions: TÜV SÜD has confirmed: The MAN Lion’s City E covered an impressive distance of 550 kilometres on just one battery charge.

Efficiency Run explanatory video

The MAN eBus Efficiency Run has impressively demonstrated that the range can be significantly increased under optimal everyday conditions.

Heinz Kiess, Head of Product Marketing Bus
Heinrich Degenhart, Head of Bus Department at MAN ProfiDrive

I believed from the beginning that we would break the 500 kilometre mark.

Heinrich Degenhart, Head of Bus Department at MAN ProfiDrive

MAN DigitalServices for MAN Lion’s City E

MAN DigitalServices provides support in optimising the business, reducing fuel and administrative costs, planning and managing service work on the bus, in time management as well as in continuous coaching of drivers.

All services at a glance

MAN eManager S
MAN eManager S
  • Charging management for your MAN Lion’s City E with timer function
  • Climate preconditioning
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
MAN eManager M
MAN eManager M

All the benefits of MAN eManager S, plus:

  • Comprehensive vehicle and battery monitoring for your electric bus fleet
  • Advanced information for detailed analysis and history: Charging and discharging currents, battery voltage, charging errors, recuperation performance, consumption values of air conditioning and auxiliary consumers, ambient temperature data and more
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace

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