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MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns

MAN Genuine Parts & Service packages at lion-strong prices

As part of our MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns, we regularly offer you specially selected MAN Genuine Parts and Service packages throughout the year, meaning you can benefit from the usual lion-strong quality at even more attractive prices. The contents of these campaigns are completely customised to your current needs.

The “MAN Lion Parts” always have a term of one month and contain MAN Genuine parts to suit the season and the requirements of your vehicles – may it be trucks, buses or vans.

MAN Lion Parts benefits:

  • Attractive conditions
  • Seasonally tailored offers
  • Comfort and safety on the road
  • Best quality and optimal functionality
  • Perfect for you and your MAN

The “MAN Lion Service” always has a term of three months at a time and offers interesting workshop packages. Benefit from cost-efficient package prices by combining selected MAN Genuine Parts with the corresponding MAN Services.

MAN Lion Service benefits:

  • Professional installation by your MAN Service
  • Efficiency in every detail
  • Maximum reliability and quality
  • Best customer care by your MAN Service
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness & functionality

MAN Lion Parts

Campaign period: 01/05/2022 – 31/05/2022

MAN Genuine brake discs

MAN Genuine brake discs

Do not take any safety risks – be careful with products from the open market! Tests* prove: The superior MAN quality ensures optimum brake output in all driving situations!

from € 84.00

*Test reports available on

MAN Genuine Disc Brake Lining Kits

MAN Genuine Disc Brake Lining Kits

Safety first! Thanks to MAN, your brakes will always have the optimum effect. Unique material quality and low wear ensure maximum cost efficiency.

from € 130.00

MAN Genuine brake cylinders

MAN Genuine brake cylinders

For safe braking in the long term! Especially important during emergency braking: MAN quality. Maximising safety – and minimising wear at the same time. It pays off for you!

from € 256.00

MAN Genuine Clutch Kits

MAN Genuine Clutch Kits

Ensure durable functionality! Thanks to minimised wear, despite the toughest conditions. Extremely economical: MAN Genuine Clutch Kits are more cost-effective than purchasing individual parts!

from € 540.00

MAN Genuine cylinder head cover gasket

MAN Genuine cylinder head cover gaskets

Increases the service life of your vehicle! Due to the high-quality material mix, it simply withstands all mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses for a longer time. Fits 100 %!

€ 35.00

MAN Genuine ribbed V-belt

MAN Genuine ribbed V-belt

This quality increases your efficiency! Optimally coordinated material components sustainably absorb strain and vibration loads – for an extended service life!

from € 33.00

MAN Genuine belt tensioner

MAN Genuine belt tensioner

For reliable power transmission. The benefits: abrasion-resistance, wear-resistance, oil and temperature resistance, permanently-optimised tension behaviour. What more do you want?

€ 140.00

Promotional prices valid only at participating MAN service outlets until 31/05/2022. Prices exclude statutory VAT and deposit where applicable. All offers are available only while stocks last. Subject to alteration. Images may vary.

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