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MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns

MAN Genuine Parts & Service packages at lion-strong prices

As part of our MAN Lion Parts & Service campaigns, we regularly offer you specially selected MAN Genuine Parts and Service packages throughout the year, meaning you can benefit from the usual lion-strong quality at even more attractive prices. The contents of these campaigns are completely customised to your current needs.

The “MAN Lion Parts” always have a term of one month and contain MAN Genuine parts to suit the season and the requirements of your vehicles – may it be trucks, buses or vans.

MAN Lion Parts benefits:

  • Attractive conditions
  • Seasonally tailored offers
  • Comfort and safety on the road
  • Best quality and optimal functionality
  • Perfect for you and your MAN

The “MAN Lion Service” always has a term of three months at a time and offers interesting workshop packages. Benefit from cost-efficient package prices by combining selected MAN Genuine Parts with the corresponding MAN Services.

MAN Lion Service benefits:

  • Professional installation by your MAN Service
  • Efficiency in every detail
  • Maximum reliability and quality
  • Best customer care by your MAN Service
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness & functionality

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MAN Lion Service

Campaign period: 01/11/2022 – 31/12/2022

Efficiency – made visible

Cost effectiveness and safety in their ideal form.
High-quality windows are crucial for both the safety of the passengers and the vehicle as a whole. The reason: More than 30 % of the body stiffness is based on the glazing! If it is damaged, not fitted accurately or not glued well enough, fatal consequences may result on the road! Therefore, only trust MAN Genuine windows. Developed with accurate fit for MAN trucks as well as MAN and NEOPLAN buses, they are bonded with the innovative MAN two part adhesive agent. In contrast to conventional one part adhesive agents, it ensures maximum strength of the window much faster – it is cured after only approx. 2 hours! Your advantage: the shortest possible downtime. Also economical: Sophisticated window tinting reduces heating-up of the interior, relieves the air-conditioning system and saves fuel.
The overall result: Pure efficiency! A simple equation.

MAN Service MAN Genuine windows installation

The benefits at a glance:

  • 100 % accuracy of fit
  • Fast, safe curing thanks to innovative MAN adhesive agent
  • Maximum body stiffness
  • Shortest possible downtime: approx. 2 hours only!
  • Window tinting for minimised interior heating-up
  • Installation incl. assembly

Attractive offers upon request

Safety with a system for trucks and vans

Avoid risks – right from the start of your journey. It’s a truism that tension belts make it possible to secure loads. But if tension belts are not attached correctly and the load distribution in the vehicle is not well thought-out, the load’s centre of gravity does not correspond to the optimum required for safe transport. The risk: On the road, dangers can arise for loads as well as passengers and other road users. Take precautions! For truck and van: MAN Genuine transport safety systems are well thought-out down to the last detail and highly flexible, ensuring that cargo is firmly and securely fixed in place in every mission.

MAN Service retrofit case for load securing

The benefits at a glance:

  • All tools at hand, compactly packaged
  • Custom-fit for every TGE model
  • Absolute safety even in emergency braking and evasive manoeuvres

Case contents at a glance:

  • Ratchet and fixing straps
  • Edge protection sleeves
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Brochure with examples and load distribution plan. You can easily determine the centre of gravity of the load, ensuring transport according to legal requirements.
  • Installation incl. assembly

€ 179.00

MAN Service retrofit package transport safety device

The benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum safety for cargo and passengers
  • Precisely aligned components
  • Flexibility for every transport requirement

Package contents at a glance:

  • Tension belt 5 T, 2-piece, 8 m x 50 mm
  • Tension belt 5 T, 2-piece, 10 m x 50 mm
  • Tension belt 5 T, 2-piece, long lever, 8 m x 50 mm
  • Tension belt 5 T, 2-piece, long lever, 10 m x 50 mm
  • Tension belt 5 T, 2-piece, with safety hook, 8 m x 50 mm
  • Tension belt 6 T, 1-piece, 8 m x 50 mm
  • Tension belt 3 T, 1-piece, 8 m x 25 mm
  • Edge protection for tension belt 50 mm, approx. 105 x 105 x 135 mm (set of 2)
  • Anti-slip mat 1.2 m x 10 cm x 8 mm (set of 2)
  • All items also available separately

€ 169.00

If you don’t like wetness and insects, you need this

For much more driving comfort and safety.
The MAN Genuine door wind deflectors for the front vehicle doors of trucks or vans enable optimum ventilation of the vehicle interior. This increases your driving comfort, even when it is pouring or a snowstorm is raging. The reason: sophisticated aerodynamic design. Even if the windows remain open until just above the lower edge of the wind deflectors, passengers will notice: nothing. Not even the slightest “draft” or wind noise. The air can circulate pleasantly. In summer, this also prevents heating-up, which can be a burden on the heart circulation system. And what about those insects? They are steered past the vehicle!

MAN Service retrofit door wind deflector

The benefits at a glance:

  • Optimised air circulation
  • No penetration of rainwater and insects
  • Minimised wind noise
  • 1 set = 2 pieces (left/right) incl. fasteners
  • Installation incl. assembly


  • Made of high quality acrylic glass
  • Weatherproof, carwash-proof, easy-care
  • Colour selection: transparent, tinted, dark

€ 169.00

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