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Environmental protection and safety (formerly known as De-minimis).
Save up to € 33,000.

The “Environmental protection and safety” state funding programme (formerly known as “De-minimis”) offers numerous advantages for domestic road haulage companies. Aims of the funding programme: Sustainably increasing safety in road freight transport with heavy commercial vehicles and improving environmental compatibility thanks to lower emissions and reduced material consumption. For you as an entrepreneur, this not only offers the unique opportunity to increase cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of your fleet, but you can save a lot of money as well. The German government will support you with up to 80% of the eligible investment. MAN provides numerous approaches for you to make optimum use of this subsidy for your fleet.

Up to which amount is funding possible?

There is no restriction on the amount of the measure to be funded. The basis for calculating the subsidy is € 2,000 multiplied by the number of vehicles ≥ 7.5 t gross train weight that were registered by companies in accordance with § 1 of the Road Haulage Act (GüKG) on 1 December of the previous year or have been registered since then (maximum € 33,000 or 17 vehicles). Please note: Vehicles with a gross train weight of 7.49 tonnes are not eligible for funding!

Eligible offers.

Alongside your vehicle, MAN offers you many options for equipping your truck more safely and economically with an 80% funding programme. From original CB radios to efficiency-enhancing driver assistance systems – our range includes numerous options that will secure you the financial benefits of the funding programme. You increase the safety for the driver and improve the economy and performance of the vehicle – and everything runs smoothly.

Truck driver using the side camera system when turning to avoid risks.

Side camera system

Simply safer on the road.

Eliminate risks with a single glance!

More and more accidents occur that are actually avoidable – if the driver just had a side camera system on board, nothing would have happened. So take action now and use this genuine MAN solution!

The benefits at a glance:

  • Stays in the natural field of vision of the driver when turning
  • The system is activated automatically when indicating or manually via a switch
  • Maximum compactness: All components share the same housing
MAN Genuine independent heating

Independent heating

Fire the winter up!

Because if you don’t freeze, you stay efficient.

You don’t want your vehicle refuse to start in freezing cold and you or your drivers also don’t like to sit in chilled vehicle interiors? Then you should rely exclusively on the proven high-quality MAN Genuine heating elements of utmost reliability. A MAN Genuine independent heating significantly increases driving comfort and thus driving safety.

The benefits at a glance:

  • More driving comfort and safety
  • Reliable functionality even at extreme temperatures down to -40 °C
  • Efficient operation thanks to fast heat-up times
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions thanks to a pre-heated engine
  • Minimised noise
  • Precisely fitting components = saves downtime

MAN Genuine driver’s seat

MAN Genuine driver’s seat

Sitting comfortably is now subsidised!

Your opportunity: our budget offer.

Both your drivers and your business will greatly benefit from the ergonomically shaped MAN Genuine seats. Why this? They prevent sickness absences and increase employee efficiency by highly contributing to keeping the supporting apparatus healthy.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum seat ergonomics and less strain on the driver
  • Individually and ergonomically adjustable
  • Increases the ability to concentrate and react
  • Easy and intuitive operation
Rio Box

Rio Box

Transport efficiency at its best in any case!

Strong service, numerous advantages.

The RIO Box is a piece of hardware that constantly sends vehicle data to the RIO platform via modem. Logged in, you simply optimise your route planning, receive deployment analyses and see vehicle positions in real time. This is how the RIO Box increases your profitability. Also suitable for older MAN models and for other manufacturer’s trucks.*

Note: If monthly costs are charged, the start of the contract or the first settlement must take place in the approval period.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy management of your entire fleet
  • Shows all tours over the last ten days – per vehicle
  • Insights into driving style and driving characteristics
  • Free services, e.g. MAN Essentials / RIO Essentials, basic tool for fleet administration and deployment analysis, MAN ServiceCare: proactive maintenance management

* You can find out if your vehicle meets the necessary technical requirements at your local MAN service outlet.

Get your funding.

Example of measures under the “Environmental protection and safety” funding programme.

  • Example calculation: 6 trucks x € 2,000 = € 12,000 funding amount
Vehicle-related measures Number of implementations
Costs per measure
Subtotal Total costs
Radio retrofit 1 x € 420 € 420 € 13,740
Side camera system retrofit 2 x € 1,395 € 2,790
Independent heating retrofit 1 x € 4,950 € 4,950
Roof-mounted air-conditioning system retrofit 1 x € 2,725 € 2,725
Spotlights retrofit 1 x € 850 € 850
Rear/front camera system retrofit 1 x € 1,175 € 1,175
MAN Genuine Tank Safe 5 x € 70 € 350
MAN Genuine tank plug 5 x € 70 € 350
MAN Genuine coffee machine 1 x € 130 € 130
Efficiency-boosting measures Number of implementations
Costs per measure
Subtotal Total costs
RIO Box retrofit 2 x € 750 € 1,500 € 1,500
  1. Prices may vary
  • Example calculation
    Total costs € 13,740 + € 1,500 = € 15,240
    Funding of 6 trucks x € 2,000 = € 12,000
    Own contribution = only € 3,240