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MAN TGX – Equipment

MAN TGX – Equipment

Insights into the MAN TGX

Join our experts and discover the spacious driver’s cab of the MAN TGX, the driver-oriented interior design concept and highlights of the new exterior design features.

Living and feeling at home in the MAN TGX

Living and feeling at home in the MAN TGX

Exterior of the MAN TGX

The exterior of the MAN TGX

The driver’s cab of the MAN TGX

The driver’s cab of the MAN TGX
Our MAN GM cab can be used universally in long-haul transport. It offers a driver-focused, ergonomic cockpit and generous living and sleeping comfort.

GM cab – The generous

  • For a wide range of applications in long-haul transport
  • Generous storage space
  • Over 1.85 m standing height
  • Effective acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable beds

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Our comfortable MAN TM cab is ideal for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport thanks to its weight-saving, compact design and convenient overnight accommodation.

TM cab – The comfortable

  • For payload-intensive transport tasks in national long-haul transport
  • Compact, weight-saving design
  • Generous storage space
  • Relaxing bed with slatted frame

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The weight-saving, compact design of our MAN TN cab ensures payload advantages. The comfortable bed with slatted frame offers highly relaxing comfort.

TN cab – The Flexible

  • For payload-optimised special trucks such as silo and refrigerated trucks or vehicles for building materials
  • Compact design in normal height
  • Comfortable interior and relaxing bed with slatted frame

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Our practical MAN NN cab is ideal for local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use.

NN cab – The practical

  • For local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use
  • Compact dimensions, comfortable step-unit and easy cross-cab access
  • Storage space behind the seats

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MAN D26 engine in Euro 6

MAN D26 engine

316 kW – 346 kW – 375 kW

Emission norms: Euro 5
HP: 440 – 540
Capacity (L): 12.4

  • Excellent fuel efficiency with performance figures from 430 to 510 HP
  • Up to 70 kg payload advantage despite more power and more torque
  • Outstanding environmental balance due to effective, two-stage exhaust gas recirculation

Fuel savings in long-haul transport with HY 1344 drive axle

HY 1344 drive axle

Perfect on the road in long-haul transport

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Longer final drive ratio
  • Weight-saving design
  • Efficiency-optimised hypoid gearbox

MAN TipMatic semi-automatic manual gearbox for low fuel consumption and high driving comfort.

Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic

  • Individual starting and gearshift strategies for different purposes
  • Reduced fuel consumption with comfortable driving
  • MAN TipMatic gearbox control on the right-hand drop arm

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MAN Services: Accessories, maintenance and financing packages
Our services

  • Accessories perfectly matched to your vehicle
  • Repair and maintenance services which offer you security and cost transparency

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