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MAN TGX – Specifications

Side view of a MAN TGX
  Tractor Chassis
4x2 _
4x4 _ _
6x2- _
6x2 _
6x4 _
6x4- _ _
6x6 _ _
8x2- _ _
8x4 _ _
8x4/ 8x4- _ _
_ _
Engine series Cylinder, design Displacement [Liter] Performance [kW (PS)]
D2676 6 in-line 12.4 375(510) in Euro 6D emission standard
397(540) in Euro 5 emission standard
  GM cab:
The generous (wide, long, medium high)
Main dimensions  
External length 2,280 mm
External width 2,440 mm
Interior length 2,145 mm
Interior width 2,270 mm
Engine tunnel height 120 mm
Standing height on the engine tunnel 1,860 mm
Quantity 2 item
Standing height in front of the co-driver’s seat 1,940 mm
Quantity (max.) 2 items
Lower bed length 2,000 mm
Maximum lower bed width 800 mm
Lower bed width behinds the seats 700 mm
Height above lower bed 690 mm 1)
Upper bed length 2,000 mm
Upper bed width 715 mm
Height above upper bed 570 mm
Roof storage compartments 48 l
Roof luggage rack 200 l
Rear left storage box 234 l
Rear right storage box 292 l
Central storage space below bed 2) 219 l
Suitable application  
Standard long-haul transport Very good
Long-distance transport payload Good
Traction (construction site) Qualified
Distribution transport Qualified
Municipal Qualified
  1. When equipped with two beds
  2. Maximum values, depending on the configuration

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