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MAN trucks for long-haul transport: Keeping the foot on the brake for unnecessary costs

MAN truck in action in long-haul transport

At a glance

  • Outstanding efficiency
    Powerful driveline with optimised consumption and efficiency-enhancing assistance systems particularly ensure economic driving.
  • Power-assisted steering and great ease of use
    The operation of gearshift, parking brake and infotainment sets new standards in ergonomics. The active MAN ComfortSteering system always supports the driver to the exact extent that the driving situation requires.
  • Simply unwind in the cosy rest area
    Working, living, sleeping on five square metres – that’s why comfort must not be neglected. In the rest area of his truck, the driver can feel comfortable and relax.
MAN TGX in container port

Transport efficiency at its best

An efficient driveline and efficiency-enhancing assistance systems have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

The MAN TGX driveline

In national and international transport business, performance and efficiency are crucial for success. MAN trucks for use in long-haul transport rely on powerful yet economical engines not only ensuring more payload but also saving fuel.

The MAN TGX with D26 Euro 6 engine saves up to 8.2 % fuel – compared to the previous model. In addition to our efficient engines, also other efficiency-enhancing innovations contribute to this result.

The extended hypoid axle with a particularly long final drive ratio, which is used in long-haul transport with up to 44 tonnes gross weight, ensures a lower rated speed and thus lower fuel consumption.

The driver’s workplace in the MAN TGX

A workplace that puts the driver first

Take a seat in the MAN cockpit and drive confidently – thanks to the workplace with excellent driver fit, precise steering and digital mirror replacement system for an ideal overview.

A cockpit with excellent driver fit

A comfortable and ergonomic workplace facilitates the driver’s daily work routines on motorways or dual carriageways. Our cockpit is optimised to the driver: The focus is on the premium seats with its ergonomic seat contours developed in extensive driver tests. Regardless of the driver’s physique, the seats offer a relaxed and comfortable seating position on long journeys. Instrument panel and exterior mirror designs are aimed at maximum direct view of the surroundings. All controls can be easily reached from the driving position and the display elements are arranged at a perfect viewing distance. Operation is intuitive and clear. With the innovative MAN SmartSelect control unit including a hand rest, the driver can easily operate the infotainment system even under rough driving conditions.

The steering wheel with a significantly increased adjustment range adds perfectly to the ergonomic workplace. This ensures a personalised and ergonomic steering position for drivers of any height and physique. In addition, the adjustment range of the driver’s seat has been significantly extended.

A cab offering high living and sleeping comfort

Long distance drivers are on the road for a long time, and they need a comfortable and convenient rest area for a well-deserved switch-off after work.

Sleeping and resting with utmost comfort in the spacious cabins for long-haul transport.

Restful sleep

For best possible relaxation and fast regeneration during rest periods, drivers need a healthy sleep. We provide for excellent sleeping comfort – our comfortable beds with high-quality slatted frames have adjustable headrests and extra strong mattresses divided into comfort zones. Numerous functions such as air conditioning, infotainment and lighting can be operated directly from the bed via the tethered remote control. The additional acoustic and thermal cab insulation as well as the optional electric auxiliary air-conditioning system ensure maximum peace and an optimum comfort climate in the cab.

The cabs for long-haul transport offer plenty of storage space options

Lots of freedom of movement and storage space

Our large-capacity cabs with an external width of 2.44 m are ideal for long-haul transport and offer plenty of space and stowage for luggage. Personal items can be stored in a variety of practical compartments and shelves. More than two metres of headroom ensure lots of freedom of movement and high living comfort.

To the MAN cabs

MAN truck and equipment for long-haul transport

  • Ergonomic driver’s workplace
  • Efficient driveline
  • Smart assistance systems
To the MAN TGX
  • Intuitive cockpit
  • Anti-slip step unit
  • Proven reliability
Our MAN GM cab can be used universally in long-haul transport. It offers a driver-focused, ergonomic cockpit and generous living and sleeping comfort.
GM cab – The generous
  • For a wide range of applications in long-haul transport
  • Generous storage space
  • Over 1.85 m standing height
  • Effective acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable beds
To MAN GM cab
Our comfortable MAN TM cab is ideal for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport thanks to its weight-saving, compact design and convenient overnight accommodation.
TM cab – The comfortable
  • For payload-intensive transport tasks in national long-haul transport
  • Compact, weight-saving design
  • Generous storage space
  • Relaxing bed with slatted frame
To MAN TM cab
Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic®
Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic
  • Individual starting and gearshift strategies for different purposes
  • Reduced fuel consumption with comfortable driving
  • MAN TipMatic gearbox control on the right-hand drop arm
To MAN TipMatic
MAN Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) & MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA)
MAN Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) & MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA)
  • Driver support for safe lane keeping
  • Lane Departure Warning system (LDW): Warns of unintentional lane departure
  • Lane return assist (LRA): Steers the vehicle actively back into the lane
MAN ACC Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function
Adaptive cruise control: MAN ACC Stop & Go
  • Controls the speed of the truck
  • Maintains the distance to traffic ahead
  • Relieves the driver in heavy traffic by automatic braking and starting
To the MAN ACC Stop & Go

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