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MAN construction vehicles & truck mixers: Stand their ground – on any terrain

MAN construction vehicle in operation on the construction site

At a glance

  • High-traction and robust
    Innovative all-wheel drive, switchable front-wheel drive and powerful braking systems ensure safety and stability on every construction site.
  • Payload Champion
    Thanks to the weight-reduced engine and other components, MAN construction vehicles have an excellent payload balance.
  • Cockpit suitable for use on construction sites
    Robust and safe: MAN cabs are made for hard daily work on construction sites.

High-traction drive and superior brake output

Full speed ahead and solid braking – even on the most demanding construction site terrain.

The switchable MAN HydroDrive front-wheel drive supports MAN construction vehicles in rough terrain.

The switchable MAN HydroDrive front-wheel drive offers a payload advantage of up to 750 kg compared to mechanical all-wheel drives.

All-wheel drive technology by experts

Above all, construction vehicles must be able to reliably travel off the road. When it comes to drive technology, MAN has three innovative solutions ready to go, depending on the application:

For occasional driving on rough terrain, when maximum traction with large axle articulation is required, the switchable mechanical all-wheel drive is the optimum all-wheel drive technology. With the permanent mechanical all-wheel drive, you are ideally equipped for frequent high traction requirements with less axle articulation. The all-wheel drive is available in 4x4, 6x6, 8x6 and 8x8 configuration. Power is distributed by two-speed MAN transfer cases.

Off-road driving: no worries thanks to the perfectly tailored driving programs for MAN construction vehicles.

Maximum stability in off-road terrain

With the OFFROAD driving program tailored to construction site deployment, the semi-automatic MAN TipMatic gearbox ensures higher gear speeds and minimal traction interruptions on steep or uneven construction site terrain – for more power when it is most needed. If the truck does get stuck on loose ground, the rocking-free function makes it easier to move off.

MAN TipMatic in detail

MAN construction vehicles ensure superior braking behaviour – even on soft ground.

Superior braking performance

Various components ensure solid, powerful braking in construction traffic: The MAN PriTarder continuous brake supports the engine brake and ensures enormous brake output at low and medium speeds. The TurboEVBec engine brake with PriTarder features high brake output even at medium speed, thus enabling safe and low-wear downhill driving.

Equipped with a hill-climbing brake acting on all wheels by means of compressed air, the driver can easily move off on a difficult incline without rolling back or slipping.

On loose ground or slippery roads, the ABS with selectable off-road logic improves the braking effect. Construction vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive also come with ESP, which constantly monitors vehicle stability.

Outstanding in terms of payload

When transporting building materials, every extra kilo is crucial, because the more you can load, the greater your profit.

Transporting building materials

MAN construction vehicles score points thanks to weight-optimised components with an outstanding payload balance. This is ensured by a lower unladen weight, which is achieved with lighter engines and consistent light-weight cab design without compromising on safety.

Compared to their respective predecessors, the D26 engine weighs up to 80 kg less, the D15 engine even weighs up to 300 kg less. The payload is further increased by integrating the TurboEVBec engine brake without a secondary retarder. This means more payload for you, so that you can notch up performance even more.

Working ergonomically

Making the hard work on the construction site easier: the new and robust MAN cabs.

The cabs of MAN construction vehicles are adapted to tough conditions. The compact width (2,240 mm) simplifies manoeuvring and turning in the tightest spaces. The distinctive steel bumper with protective guard for the headlights makes the front robust and less susceptible to damage. Individual parts of the vehicle front can be replaced easily and cost-effectively. In addition, the robust colour scheme in “Moon Grey” is ideal for applications in dirty conditions.

Anti-slip step unit with grated steps

Anti-slip step unit

The stair-like steps next to the wheel cutout are clearly visible to the driver when getting off the vehicle and, in conjunction with a non-slip grating, ensure safe access and exit in all weather conditions. To reduce soiling in the cab, the grated steps are equipped with a strip edge. Moreover, the lowest, most damage-prone step allows for oscillating movements. When force is applied due to ground contact, the step returns to its shape.

MAN EasyControl panel at the inside of the driver’s door

MAN EasyControl panel

Vehicle functions, such as switching on spotlights or the hazard warning system or activating the engine for tipping, can be conveniently activated from the outside. Operation is done via a control panel on the inside of the driver’s door. Choose between configuration ex works or individual layout.

The different steering wheel settings

Individual steering wheel adjustment

The steering wheel offers an increased adjustment range for a personalised and ergonomic steering position. When parking, the steering wheel can also be pushed forward into a horizontal position, making access and exit a lot easier.

MAN SmartSelect

Safe operation even on unstable ground: MAN SmartSelect

The MAN SmartSelect infotainment control system is operated safely and reliably by a rotary pushbutton control with integrated touchpad – thanks to the thumb-ball support even when driving over hill and dale.

Improved field of vision in the MAN cab

Everything in view

Optimised side mirrors are located further to the rear, which not only improves aerodynamics but also increases the direct field of vision for the driver. Cockpit and dashboard have been lowered, which serves the same purpose.

MAN trucks and equipment for construction site deployment

  • Ergonomic driver’s workplace
  • Efficient driveline
  • Smart assistance systems
To the MAN TGX
  • Intuitive cockpit
  • Anti-slip step unit
  • Proven reliability
  • Ideal visibility
  • Ergonomic access
  • Excellent payload
To the MAN TGM
Our MAN GM cab can be used universally in long-haul transport. It offers a driver-focused, ergonomic cockpit and generous living and sleeping comfort.
GM cab – The generous
  • For a wide range of applications in long-haul transport
  • Generous storage space
  • Over 1.85 m standing height
  • Effective acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable beds
To MAN GM cab
Our comfortable MAN TM cab is ideal for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport thanks to its weight-saving, compact design and convenient overnight accommodation.
TM cab – The comfortable
  • For payload-intensive transport tasks in national long-haul transport
  • Compact, weight-saving design
  • Generous storage space
  • Relaxing bed with slatted frame
To MAN TM cab
The weight-saving, compact design of our MAN TN cab ensures payload advantages. The comfortable bed with slatted frame offers highly relaxing comfort.
TN cab – The Flexible
  • For payload-optimised special trucks such as silo and refrigerated trucks or vehicles for building materials
  • Compact design in normal height
  • Comfortable interior and relaxing bed with slatted frame
To MAN TN cab
Our practical MAN NN cab is ideal for local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use.
NN cab – The practical
  • For local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use
  • Compact dimensions, comfortable step-unit and easy cross-cab access
  • Storage space behind the seats
To MAN NN cab
Low step unit, easy cross-cab access and wide opening doors: The MAN CC cab is ideal for construction sites and distribution transport.
CC cab – The compact
  • Compact for local and distribution transport or construction sites
  • Very low step unit
  • Wide opening doors
  • Easy cross-cab access
  • Dirt-resistant interior
To MAN CC cab
The MAN DN Crew cab offers space for up to seven people and is particularly suitable for craft businesses, municipal tasks and emergency services vehicles.
DN cab – The crew cab
  • For craft businesses, municipal tasks and emergency services vehicles
  • Four-door crew cab
  • Space for up to 7 people
  • Generous storage space
  • Dirt-resistant interior
To MAN DN cab
Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic®
Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic
  • Individual starting and gearshift strategies for different purposes
  • Reduced fuel consumption with comfortable driving
  • MAN TipMatic gearbox control on the right-hand drop arm
To MAN TipMatic
MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Warns the driver in emergency braking situations
  • Stops the vehicle automatically in case of dangerous situations
  • Warns following traffic with Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS)
To MAN Emergency Brake Assist

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