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MAN Lion’s City G: Environmental friendly, pure and simple

MAN Lion’s City G: The electric city bus

At a glance

  • Up to 97 % pollutant reduction
    The diesel alternative: The MAN Lion’s City G natural gas bus is significantly below the legal emission limits.
  • High performance, high efficiency
    The newly developed MAN E18 natural gas drive is light and economical, but powerful when it comes to performance.
  • Range up to 500 km
    Thinking big: Type 4 gas cylinders allow a long range with low maintenance costs.

Did you know that operating costs make up the second largest cost block of your TCO?

Compare the TCO now and save up to 16 % fuel with the new MAN Lion’s City EfficientHybrid.
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Safe bus travel thanks to MAN hygiene measures

Safe bus travel with the MAN hygiene concept

Keep your drivers and passengers protected: With our hygiene measures, you take comprehensive precautions and help minimise any risk of corona infection on board.
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MAN EfficientHybrid

  • Intelligent energy management with automatic start-stop system
  • Recovers energy during braking
  • Enables electric start
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MAN E18 engine

MAN E18 natural gas engine

  • Four-valve in-line six-cylinder engine
  • Compact power pack
  • EGR and three-way catalytic converter

Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders type 4

  • Safely placed under the roof
  • Capacity: up to 1,875 litres
  • Range: up to 500 km

Electronic stability control
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)

  • Dynamic stability in critical driving situations
  • Prevents the vehicle from turning over
  • Assists the driver when there is a risk of oversteering or understeering

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Electronic brake control
Electronic brake system (EBS) & MAN BrakeMatic

  • Stability and manoeuvrability during emergency braking
  • The vehicle does not skid at loss of traction
  • Maintaining a constant speed when driving downhill

To Electronic brake system (EBS) & MAN BrakeMatic
The MAN Lion’s City 12 G
MAN Lion’s City 12 G

  • Length: 12.2 m
  • No. of seats: 37
  • Engine: E1856 LOH Euro 6

Technical data sheet
The MAN Lion’s City 18 G
MAN Lion’s City 18 G

  • Length: 18.1 m
  • No. of seats: 49
  • Engine: E1856 LOH Euro 6

Technical data sheet
The MAN Lion’s City 19 G
MAN Lion’s City 19 G

  • Length: 18.7 m
  • No. of seats: 53
  • Engine: E1856 LOH Euro 6

Technical data sheet

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