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Efficient drives

At a glance

  • Pioneering energy concepts
    Our city buses rely on durable and convertible electric technology or economical gas drive with up to 15 % lower life cycle costs (LCC).
  • Customised solutions
    With ranges of up to 350 km (MAN Lion’s City E) or 500 km (MAN Lion’s City G), you only have to stop for passengers.
  • More space
    The bus provides more space and comfort for passengers as the engine tower becomes obsolete and the gas cylinders are stowed in the roof.

E like emission-free

Electric bus fleets and their advantages for the city.

Strictly clean

Alternative drives are conquering the roads, and the electric variant presents itself as one of the most consistent implementations with 0 % emissions. The engine operates super silently and without producing any local exhaust fumes. This makes a decisive difference to the environment, the city’s image and your passengers – particularly in regard to the long range of the MAN Lion’s City E: up to 350 km. You alone determine the route, because the bus can also travel in zones that are closed to combustion engines.

Details to MAN city buses with electric drives
Electric bus fleets

As flexible as your operating range: the battery capacity of the MAN Lion’s City E

Depending on the area of use – the public transport network and other factors – the requirements for battery use vary. Consistently reliable ranges of up to 270 km are available with the “Reliable Range” battery usage strategy: With a limited charging stroke, sufficient reserves remain available to ensure the same high range over the entire service life. For a higher daily range of up to 350 km, if required, the “Maximum Range” battery usage strategy is ideal. The extended charging window draws more energy per charge. So the daily range can be increased situationally, which pays off especially for longer distances, extreme temperatures or diversion routes.

Charging infrastructure from a single source

Benefit from our all-round carefree package: We not only supply you with a future-proof electric bus, but also take care of a perfectly matching charging infrastructure solution. You receive charging technology that is ideally matched to your vehicle, optionally including installation and maintenance – all from a single source.

More about the charging infrastructure

Details to MAN city buses with electric drives

G like great fuel savings

On the road to success with gas-powered city buses.

Details to MAN city buses with gas engines

Natural gas engines are known as particularly efficient drives. We have been working for over 75 years to develop ever more economical solutions. The result is the MAN Lion’s City G EfficientHybrid: Up to 15 % lower life cycle costs, a long range of at least 500 km and low noise emissions.

Driving piggy bank.

Extremely economical fuel consumption, low pollutant emissions. The sustainable MAN E18 gas engine is equipped with exhaust gas recirculation and a three-way catalytic converter, hence well below the limits of the Euro 6 emissions standard and heading to the future.

To MAN Lion’s City G

Smart as a lion: our consulting service

We lead you along the easy path to alternative drives.

Alternative Drives

Every fleet is unique. We have worked with various clients and gained valuable experience. With this knowledge and the analyses of route profiles, charging infrastructure and maintenance, we create a fleet profile that lets your city move forward into the future.

More about the consulting service

Create space sustainably

New drive technologies enable additional room for passengers.

Passenger capacity

With alternative drives, things go up immediately: Our batteries are installed on the roof. This frees up space that would otherwise be taken up by the engine tower. Also, our gas cylinders are intelligently housed in the roof. This means more capacity for you and greater comfort for your passengers.

Did you know that the charging infrastructure only makes up the fifth largest cost block of your TCO?

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Efficiency and environmental protection for scheduled bus services

MAN EfficientHybrid

  • Intelligent energy management with automatic start-stop system
  • Recovers energy during braking
  • Enables electric start
More about MAN EfficientHybrid

Sustainable mobility and efficient transport solutions

The MAN Lion’s City G
The MAN Lion’s City G
  • Up to 97 % pollutant reduction
  • High range: up to 500 km
  • Quiet performance
To MAN Lion’s City G
The MAN Lion’s City E
The MAN Lion’s City E
  • Environmentally friendly 0 % emissions
  • More space for your passengers
  • Range: up to 350 km*

*Depending on the battery usage strategy and under favourable operating conditions: Low operational demands in terms of average speed, loading, topography and air-conditioning.

To MAN Lion’s City E

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