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Safe bus travel thanks to MAN hygiene measures

Protection against infections when travelling by bus thanks to MAN hygiene measures

At a glance

  • Protection for staff and passengers
    A custom-fit hygiene protection wall, disinfection measures and specially coated surfaces contribute to infection protection in buses.
  • Constant fresh air supply
    Thanks to an exactly adjusted air-conditioning system with microparticle filters and the resulting continuous air circulation, the risk of infection can be reduced.

Infection protection in MAN buses

The health and the safety of your drivers and passengers is our top priority. The video explains, which hygiene measures and devices in our MAN and NEOPLAN buses provide infection control.

Infection protection measures in MAN buses

Hygiene protection wall for retrofitting

With the tailor-made safety screen for your MAN bus, you help protect staff and passengers.

The custom-fit hygiene protection wall for MAN buses protects drivers and passengers.

The specially developed hygiene protection wall for MAN buses separates the driver cab from the passenger area. The floor-to-ceiling screen provides excellent protection against SARS-CoV-2 viruses and other infections. This significantly increases safety against infection – both for your driving personnel and for your passengers – when boarding and alighting at door 1.

The protective screen is made of break-proof polycarbonate. It is securely fixed via an aluminium profile. The MAN hygiene protection wall is available with or without a cut-out for ticket sales.

Our retrofitting service for you

  • You can have your new-generation MAN Lion’s City city buses retrofitted at our MAN partner dealerships. The hygiene protection wall is already available ex works in new MAN Lion’s City buses.
  • We implement individual retrofit solutions for all MAN intercity buses and coaches as well as for the previous generation of city buses, and of course for our second-hand vehicles.

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Our solution for safer bus travel

Small effort, big effect: Take hold of the reins and effectively increase infection protection on board your MAN. Our safety instructions help with the implementation.

With the following measures you can ensure maximum protection against possible virus dissemination in the passenger area:

  • If possible, only operate the air-conditioning system of your MAN bus in fresh air mode (without recirculation).
  • Ensure maximum fresh air supply. This means that the fan speed of the air-conditioning system should not be reduced manually either.
  • For buses equipped with service sets: Before starting a trip, close the blower nozzles above the seats to prevent the air from flowing straight to the passengers. Air is then supplied exclusively via the ventilation openings in the roof duct.
  • To increase air purity, we recommend replacing the filter units of the rooftop unit and the front box regularly and at shorter intervals.

The target temperature in the passenger area is maintained primarily by fanless heating elements in the side walls and under the seats. Front box and roof-mounted air-conditioning system provide additional air-conditioning power to achieve the desired temperature. With the help of the negative pressure system and the fresh air supply, the ventilation ensures uninterrupted air circulation with continuous air exchange. Recirculated air (if activated) and fresh air pass through the pollen filters (standard) and additionally through highly effective microparticle filters (optional) with a separation efficiency of almost 100 percent. The air-conditioning system then distributes the filtered air evenly throughout the passenger area via fan openings in the roof duct and in the service sets (if present and open). The ventilation extracts the stale indoor air directly from the seats and routes it to the outside via separate exhaust ducts.

An indispensable measure is to thoroughly disinfect the grab handles and surfaces of your bus regularly. In addition, you should provide your passengers with a way to disinfect their hands. Contact your MAN partner for more information.

Extended infection protection is provided by equipping your bus with a special surface coating. The protective layer reliably contains the spread of viruses, germs, bacteria and mould via surfaces. Contact us. We will be happy to advise and support you.

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