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Trainee programme

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Practice makes perfect

You want to surpass yourself and grow both personally and professionally? You want to get a taste of corporate life at MAN and in the international TRATON Group and help shape the projects of the future with your ideas? Here is a great opportunity for you!

Our trainee programme gives you the chance to gain vast experience in an international environment for 15 months. You will get a comprehensive insight into our different departments and can also get to know one of our foreign locations. Our Global Trainee Programme provides optimal starting conditions to find your personal path within the company. Start your career with us and support our motivated team on the way to reshape the commercial vehicle industry as a global player.

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Your development at MAN

Your future supervisor Daniela also started her MAN career as a trainee. The aim of the trainee programme is to give you the best possible development opportunities, so that you can build up your strengths and qualifications. There are some fixed modules, such as those in production and sales – but the structure of your individual modules as a trainee is decided entirely by you with the help of your mentor and the trainee support. Alongside your various stages within the company, you will benefit from personalised training, networking events and even firesides with top level managers – all of which are geared towards expanding your expertise and assuring your future success.

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Would you like to know what the individual stages of a trainee are? Would you like to know how you can design your time at MAN? Here you can find important facts.

Onboarding week

The trainee programme opens with an induction seminar and an orientation week, which is attended by all trainees from our commercial vehicle brands. These are designed to introduce you to the overall strategy and direction of VW Truck & Bus. You will also receive your first insight into the various branches of our company, so that you are ready to hit the ground running.

Working in your base department

By applying for a specific position in one of our seven management departments, you will have already chosen your base department as starting point for your fantastic growth within our company. This department is where you will spend your first three months.

Department rotation (2 x 3 months)

We want to offer you as much personal freedom as possible to develop your own ideas, which is why no two traineeships are the same. Together with your mentor, you will decide which functional divisions you want to discover. You will receive feedback after every stage as a guideline to help you tailor the further programme to your individual potential and strengths and build on these skills in subsequent modules.

Working abroad

Working with us means working in an international multi-brand environment. That’s why a posting at one of TRATON Group’s international locations is a mandatory part of our Global Trainee Programme. You will spend about 3 months at one of our other commercial vehicle brands, depending on your project assignment on site. You will have the opportunity to gain intensive experience abroad, strengthen your intercultural skills and build up an international network for your further career in our company.

Departmental rotation

We want to offer you as much personal freedom as possible to develop your own ideas, which is why no two traineeships are the same. Together with your mentor, you will decide which functional divisions you want to discover. You will receive feedback after every stage as a guideline to help you tailor the further programme to your individual potential and strengths and build on these skills in subsequent modules.

Graduation Week

Graduation provides yet another opportunity to network, as well as a time for reflection and looking to the future. What experience did you gain in your personal trainee programme? Were you able to fully exploit your potential? What would you like to achieve in your future role with us?

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Find here the trainee position at MAN that suits you

We only advertise trainee positions within a limited period of the year. But maybe you will find another offer in our job portal that suits you?
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What is your vision for your career?

You can complete our Global Trainee Programme in all seven of our company’s Executive Board departments. It is up to you to decide where your strengths lie and where you wish to begin your career. With us, you also have the chance to build a comprehensive global network throughout the Group. We are convinced that strong cross-functional cooperation can give rise to trend-setting ideas.

This is where the corporate and business area strategies of the entire MAN Truck & Bus product portfolio are defined, developed and controlled. Support us on our path of digitalisation & transformation to make our companies competitive in the future.

Our goal as a top employer: to find employees in a new way who enrich MAN thanks to their diversity. Through innovative working environments, flexible work arrangements and numerous development opportunities, we can retain them in the long term in order to be successful and competitive as a team.

What you can expect is: passion for our products, teamwork and a high awareness of MAN’s social responsibility. We are shaping and developing the future of commercial vehicles with premium quality, optimum economy and innovative technologies. Our focus? Our customer!

This is where the planning and worldwide distribution of resources takes place. Many factors have to be optimally coordinated here: All supplier parts, equipment or services must always be available in sufficient quantities, in the best quality, at the right place and at competitive prices.

Finance & Law shows other specialist areas potentials compared to the competition and supports all financial or legal decisions. With a focus on digitalisation, the IT division wants to create the best conditions for becoming a leading player for digital solutions in the commercial vehicle market.

The highly motivated team in production convinces with enthusiasm and the highest level of know-how and pursues a goal even with a high production volume: Top customer orientation! Combined with efficient use of resources, we can meet the highest quality standards and customer requirements.

In the sales department, the customer is our focus. Support us in achieving our goals with innovative ideas and your enthusiasm for digitalisation. We want to convince with top customer orientation and become the leading player for digital solutions in the commercial vehicle market.

How to become a trainee

We select our trainees with great care and therefore take time to look over your application. As such, there are several steps to complete between the application and selection process and the actual start of your trainee programme. We invite a shortlist of potential trainees to interview using our video interview application. This gives you the opportunity to present yourself to us personally and lets us get a first impression of your wonderful personality. Your last hurdle is our assessment centre.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find all the important information and answers about our Global Trainee Programme and your preferred trainee position at your chosen location.

General questions about the trainee programme

The focus of a trainee programme is on learning as well as personal and professional development. As a trainee, you will gain an insight into a wide range of company departments and learn about our strategic orientation and priorities. Further training and the development of a personal network promote both your specialist knowledge and your individual performance. In a direct entry job, the focus is on a quick and deep familiarisation – that’s completely different here.

The MAN Global Trainee programme offers 15 months of intensive professional development.

We want our trainees to gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of our company. Our trainee programme is designed such that trainees can take an active role in customising their training to their goals. They therefore work together with a mentor and trainee support to create their own trainee plan. Certain modules, such as their position within their base department, roles in production and sales are fixed parts. Other positions within the trainee programme are chosen by trainees in discussion with their mentors in order to give them maximum freedom to develop their own ideas.

The trainee programme is generally offered in each of our seven management departments (see info on the careers page). Vacant trainee positions are advertised once a year in the first quarter for the duration of four weeks. 2023 posts were advertised in March for approximately 4 weeks. Vacancies are based on the current strategic focus of the company and as such the number of departments offered may vary year on year.

Vacancies are always listed for a specific position at a specific location. Places on the programme are offered at our headquarters in Munich and sometimes at our engine plant in Nuremberg. The trainee programme does, however, include a mandatory stage at an international VW Group location.

All trainees at MAN begin on the entry level pay rate for direct entrants as part of the IG Metall collective bargaining agreement. We would be happy to discuss precise details about pay as part of the personal selection day.

Our trainees have a 35-hour employment contract (currently). Since we place great value on personal freedom of our employees, our trainees naturally also have the opportunity to flexibly organise their working day within the framework of flexwork offers.

We take great care when selecting candidates for the MAN trainee programme and are keen to bring motivated and talented individuals into the company once they have successfully completed the programme. We therefore offer all trainees access to a wealth of expertise, useful skills and tools throughout the programme, as well as the opportunity to develop a comprehensive network within the company. Thus, they are well prepared for their following career.

Our trainee officer Daniela Peschke from Talent Management department will be happy to answer any questions that our FAQs could not provide. Contact her at: , +49 152 06857977

Unfortunately we cannot support trainees in their search for accommodation due to the housing market situation in Munich. However, options often arise within the network of trainees and former trainees that could prove useful.

All new employees begin their first day of work with a joint introductory event. The trainee programme also starts with a separate induction seminar, where trainees are better acquainted with our company and the various departments.

Questions about the application process

All applications must be processed through our online job portal. Here, you are able to apply directly for an advertised position. All applications received online are reviewed by trainee support and a shortlist is compiled. The applicants favoured by the respective department will receive an invitation to our time-shifted video interview tool. Following this interview, we invite a select group of candidates to a personal selection day, at which the relevant departments can find their perfect trainees.

The application process starts in spring when the positions are advertised in the first quarter. The application deadline for specific trainee positions can be found in the respective job advert, but is generally four and a half weeks after the position has been posted. 2023 posts were advertised in March for approximately 4 weeks.

We require an informative CV including details of the main areas of study (max. 2 pages) – all the information required for the vacancy should be included. A letter of motivation is not necessary. In addition, we need the Abitur certificate, Bachelor’s and (provisional) Master’s transcripts, as well as relevant work references for e.g. internships or working student activities.

We strive to reply to all candidates in good time; however reviewing the documents can be time-consuming.

We advertise all our trainee positions in the first quarter of each year and ask you to apply during this period.

No, because we do not think that age has any bearing on an applicant’s suitability for the trainee programme.

We require a master’s or bachelor’s level degree with an above-average grade.

We require a master’s or bachelor’s level degree with an above-average grade. Applicants should also have at least three months’ experience of working abroad, and have completed relevant practical experience, e.g. through an internship or work placement. Extra-curricular activities are also helpful and are taken into account. Excellent German and English skills are essential; other languages are an advantage.

Questions about the organisation of the trainee programme

Feedback is an essential part of our programme. Trainees receive feedback after every module in the programme and can use this to identify and further develop their potential and strengths together with their mentor.

Every trainee receives optimal support. This support is provided by a mentor from the base department. Mentors provide feedback and help with potential problems, support in networking and show the trainees perspectives and paths. All trainees also have access to trainee support.

Active engagement and involvement of trainees are essential in our trainee programme. We provide the framework and thus the optimal starting conditions, but the individual path and the full exploitation of all potential and possibilities is in the hands of the trainees.

We believe that it is very important for trainees to build a close network. Collaborative projects and activities – both professional and social – improve team performance and spirit. The network also includes former trainees, who can provide helpful tips and additional information. Networking with other trainees from the TRATON Group commercial vehicle brands is promoted through regular online events.

The trainee programme includes a mandatory module at an international TRATON Group location. Trainees spend approximately three months abroad, depending on the projects assigned to them.