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Internship & Thesis

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As a student at MAN

Theory is all well and good, but how does it actually look in practice? If you want to gain valuable work experience during your studies, we, as the world’s leading technology company, are just the right stepping stone for you.

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Expertise – acquired by means of an internship

Show the world what you’ve got to offer – and join a leading international technology company to start gaining valuable work experience during your studies. During the 3 to 6 month internship you have the opportunity to truly benefit and to acquire genuine practical expertise. Tasks generally include a mix of project-related activities and operational day-to-day business. Once you have graduated, this extensive extracurricular involvement will certainly give you some advantages when applying for jobs.

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Final theses? No problem!

Put the icing on the cake by finishing your studies with a practice-based thesis: we’re happy to assist you with this.

You decide the subject area you’d like to cover. At MAN, you can generally write your thesis in all fields and departments. Here you will find an excellent professional environment, have access to all resources, you will receive intensive supervision and will be integrated into the corporate process. Thus, you have the ideal framework conditions for an excellent degree.

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Working students

You want to gain professional experience alongside your studies and finance them yourself? As a working student at MAN, you will be directly involved in projects and support our experts in their work on our products. Apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and develop your skills. And who knows? Maybe there will be an opportunity to write your thesis with us afterwards.

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Join MAN while you are still a student

Whether it’s an internship, work study or thesis – you can find all the opportunities to join MAN as a student in the MAN job portal.
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