MAN Truck & Bus

User studies

Collage of a truck hologram and a man wearing VR goggles

We need you for our buses and trucks of tomorrow

Do you drive a truck or bus full-time? Then we are looking for you for our user studies, for example on our driving simulator. There you will test and evaluate the latest developments for the cab of tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a MAN truck or another model on the job: It’s all about your experience at the wheel.

This is how the registration works

We are building the driver’s cab of tomorrow – and need you as a driver to do it.

  • How do I register?
    Simply write an informal e-mail with the subject “Test bench” to State your name and telephone number.
  • How long does a test appointment like this take?
    Trials last between two and four hours – and we will simply coordinate with you by phone to set up the appointment.
  • Do I get paid for it?
    Yes. You will receive an expense allowance of 20 euros per hour for your participation. In addition, we pay 30 euros for your journey – if your journey is more than 100 km, even as much as 60 euros.
  • What else do I need to know?
    Your letter to us is absolutely non-binding and your data will of course be treated confidentially.
A man sitting at the steering wheel of a simulator driving down a road