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MAN distribution trucks: Deliver more than good arguments

MAN truck in distribution transport

At a glance

  • Outstanding in terms of payload
    Weight-reduced vehicle components increase loading capacity and transport efficiency.
  • Suitable for urban traffic
    Offering practical functions such as the MAN EasyControl door control module and an enhanced field of vision, MAN distribution trucks facilitate delivery in an urban setting.
  • Getting on and off comfortably
    The ergonomic and centrally positioned entry offers a high level of comfort and safety, even when frequently getting on and off the vehicle in the course of delivery.

Payload advantage

MAN trucks score points in the highly competitive logistics business in terms of payload and transport efficiency.

The payload-optimised MAN trucks for distribution transport

We consistently implement lightweight design and weight-reduced vehicle components, allowing you to load more and get the most out of every tour. The lowest possible unladen weight of the trucks leads to increased payload, resulting in additional profit for your transport business.

The driveline contributes to a higher payload and maximum transport efficiency as well: The compact, yet powerful engines are significantly lighter than their predecessors.

Great in an urban setting

Heavy inner-city traffic, narrow access roads and lots of different road users – every delivery driver knows the distribution transport challenges. The practical features of our trucks facilitate your work.

Ample field of vision

Free vision for keeping the overview

Since the mirror arms are now positioned in the area around the A-pillar, the mirrors of our MAN distribution trucks are located further to the rear. This positioning not only improves aerodynamics, but also enhances the direct field of vision to the front and to the sides. In addition, the field of vision is expanded by the lowered instrument panel in the cockpit. Hence you can keep an eye on what is happening in front and on the left and right sides of your vehicle.

MAN EasyControl panel on the inside of the driver’s door

Control panel in the driver’s door

Important vehicle functions can be operated via the MAN EasyControl panel on the inside of the driver’s door. For example, you can switch the loading area lighting on and off or release the liftgate control even after getting off the vehicle. Up to four keys can be either pre-configured ex works or they can be assigned to suit your individual needs.

Ergonomic access

Anyone frequently getting on and off a delivery vehicle appreciates a safe and comfortable access.

Generous door opening angle

A door opening angle of 90° and stair-like wide steps ensure easy access. The individual steps are equipped with non-slip grating. Additional safety is provided by the optional entry lighting, providing perfect illumination for the steps even in darkness.

Thanks to the considerable adjustment range of the steering wheel, the driver’s seat in the cab is easily accessible: In park position, the steering wheel can be pushed forward into a horizontal position, which significantly increases the space between the seat edge and the steering wheel. Due to its seat contour, which was developed in extensive driver tests, the premium seat offers a perfect and comfortable seating position.

Thanks to a sophisticated storage concept, driver and co-driver have practical storage space at their disposal. Hand scanners and documents are quickly at hand when getting off the car, and everything is safely stowed away during the journey.

MAN trucks and equipment for distribution transport

  • Intuitive cockpit
  • Anti-slip step unit
  • Proven reliability
  • Ideal visibility
  • Ergonomic access
  • Excellent payload
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The weight-saving, compact design of our MAN TN cab ensures payload advantages. The comfortable bed with slatted frame offers highly relaxing comfort.
TN cab – The Flexible
  • For payload-optimised special trucks such as silo and refrigerated trucks or vehicles for building materials
  • Compact design in normal height
  • Comfortable interior and relaxing bed with slatted frame
To MAN TN cab
Our practical MAN NN cab is ideal for local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use.
NN cab – The practical
  • For local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use
  • Compact dimensions, comfortable step-unit and easy cross-cab access
  • Storage space behind the seats
To MAN NN cab
Low step unit, easy cross-cab access and wide opening doors: The MAN CC cab is ideal for construction sites and distribution transport.
CC cab – The compact
  • Compact for local and distribution transport or construction sites
  • Very low step unit
  • Wide opening doors
  • Easy cross-cab access
  • Dirt-resistant interior
To MAN CC cab
MAN TipMatic semi-automatic manual gearbox for low fuel consumption and high driving comfort.
Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic
  • Individual starting and gearshift strategies for different purposes
  • Reduced fuel consumption with comfortable driving
  • MAN TipMatic gearbox control on the right-hand drop arm
To MAN TipMatic
MAN ACC Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function
Adaptive cruise control: MAN ACC Stop & Go
  • Controls the speed of the truck
  • Maintains the distance to traffic ahead
  • Relieves the driver in heavy traffic by automatic braking and starting
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