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Lane guard system & Lane return assist

At a glance

  • Safe lane keeping
    Emits a warning when unintentionally leaving the lane and intervenes actively.
  • Double assistance
    Acoustic warning for the driver and active steering to return the truck to the correct lane.
  • Active safety enhancement
    Especially for monotonous sections and night driving.

Driver support for safe lane keeping

Helps you stay on track: The MAN Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) warns the driver in the event of unintentionally leaving the lane. And the MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA) actively steers your vehicle back into the correct lane – before a dangerous situation arises.

MAN Lane Departure Warning system LDW

The Lane Departure Warning system LDW assists the driver with accurate lane keeping. If your MAN Truck touches the lane markings or leaves the lane without an activated turn indicator, an acoustic signal will sound. This is how the system increases active safety on monotonous sections of motorways and dual carriageways as well as during night-time journeys, thus preventing accidents.

For this purpose, a video camera behind the windscreen continuously scans the left and right lane markings. The lane departure warning system is active from a speed of 60 km/h. It detects and takes into account deliberate driving at the outer edge of the roadside.

MAN Lane Return Assist LRA

In addition, the Lane Return Assist LRA supports the driver with lane keeping by actively steering the vehicle back to the lane: If the vehicle shows signs of leaving the lane – without the turn indicator being activated – the system corrects the steering torque, thus steering the truck automatically back into the lane. The correcting steering torque can be overridden by the driver at all times.

The Lane Return Assist (LRA) requires the vehicle to be equipped with the MAN ComfortSteering hydraulic steering system and is only available for the MAN TGX and MAN TGS.

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