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Emergency Brake Assist

At a glance

  • Prevents the risk of accidents
    Warns the driver of an impending collision and activates emergency braking in dangerous situations.
  • Warns the following traffic
    The emergency brake flashing function warns following traffic in the event of an emergency braking.

Traffic area monitoring and intervention during dangerous situations

The MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) significantly reduces the risk of accidents in road traffic. The system detects emergency braking situations and warns the driver. If the driver fails to react, emergency braking is initiated in dangerous situations.

Two sensor systems: Radar sensor and camera

The MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) combines information from a radar sensor installed on the vehicle front and from a camera in the windscreen. Thanks to this sensor fusion, the system can detect dangerous situations even more quickly and securely, and initiate emergency braking in case of serious danger sooner. Camera and radar sensor permanently monitor the traffic area in front of the vehicle: Distances, positions and speeds of vehicles ahead are detected.

Optical and acoustic warning

If there is a risk of collision, the driver is initially warned by a visual and acoustic signal.

Initiation of emergency braking

If the driver fails to react, the MAN Emergency Brake Assist automatically initiates emergency braking. This is to avoid rear-end collisions. During emergency braking, an emergency stopping signal (ESS) is activated in addition to the brake lights. The hazard light system signals the emergency situation to surrounding vehicles by an increasing flashing frequency thereby reducing the risk of a rear-end collision.

The MAN Emergency Brake Assist is part of the standard equipment on all MAN vehicles and fulfils all legal requirements. As standard, the MAN Emergency Brake Assist cannot be switched off.

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