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MAN fire service and emergency services vehicles: Ready for action without compromise

MAN fire brigade emergency vehicle

At a glance

  • Ready for action
    The MAN fire service and rescue vehicles already have a lot of equipment on board ex works and are ready for action.
  • Fast and efficient
    Powerful engines and application-specific, fast acting gearshift programs for travelling quickly and easily even on rough terrain.
  • Universal off-road suitability
    The switchable or permanent all-wheel drive or the switchable hydraulic MAN HydroDrive front-wheel drive allows for maximum traction and sufficient grip in fire service and emergency services vehicles.

Ready for rescue missions

Whether it be a fire engine, rescue vehicle or turntable ladder – MAN fire service and emergency services vehicles are delivered ex works with the necessary equipment.

The robust vehicle front of the MAN fire brigade emergency vehicle.

Robust bodywork

Thanks to their robust construction, MAN emergency services trucks are able to handle tough jobs with ease. The full-LED headlights with protective guards are particularly durable and resistant.

Ergonomic and safe access to the cab

Ergonomic and easy to use

Access to the cab and the crew cab is comfortable and safe thanks to wide, anti-slip steps. The driver-oriented cockpit impresses with its clarity, intuitive instruments and an improved field of vision. The steering wheel has a considerable adjustment range. It can easily be adjusted to suit the driver’s physique, thus maintaining driving comfort even in case of alternating drivers. On the inside of the driver’s door, the EasyControl panel is located, which can also be used to control important vehicle functions from the outside.

Extra large crew cabins

MAN emergency services vehicles for fire brigades, disaster relief teams and other task forces can be equipped ex works with spacious cab solutions, such as a crew cab. They offer space for up to six emergency operatives including their equipment.

Strong PTOs

MAN emergency services vehicles can be equipped with powerful PTOs, so that no time-consuming and costly subsequent conversions will be necessary. A mechanical drive source independent of the clutch provides the necessary power for pumps, winches, alternators and turntable ladders. Analogue and digital radio transmission equipment is also on board.

Full power in action

MAN engines and gear functions provide the necessary performance and traction.

To ensure that you arrive quickly and reliably at the deployment site, MAN fire service and rescue vehicles are equipped with powerful lightweight design engines. The efficient engines with quick start function impress with an optimal payload ratio and reach maximum torque even at low speeds.

Moreover, rescue vehicles are also equipped with an engine known as regulatory engine, which ensures constant performance even during long missions and in the event of malfunctions in the exhaust gas treatment system.

The semi-automatic MAN TipMatic EMERGENCY gearbox cuts down shifting times and ensures better acceleration with an increased gear-shifting speed. Downshifts during braking also provide power when accelerating again.

Thanks to permanent or switchable all-wheel drive, the emergency services vehicles have sufficient traction and grip on poor road conditions or unsurfaced roads. MAN HydroDrive is a switchable hydrostatic front-wheel drive which can be activated for a short time with increased traction requirements.

Better safe than sorry: The MAN TGE emergency services vehicles

Better safe than sorry: The MAN TGE emergency services vehicles

You can rely on them in tricky situations – the emergency services vehicles based on the MAN TGE. The MAN TGE ambulance and the various bodies and upgrades of the MAN TGE Fire Service Fleet offer a perfect solution for your individual missions.
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MAN trucks and equipment for rescue and emergency services

  • Intuitive cockpit
  • Anti-slip step unit
  • Proven reliability
  • Ideal visibility
  • Ergonomic access
  • Excellent payload
To the MAN TGM
  • Electric parking brake in the instrument panel
  • Compact cabs
  • MAN uptime guarantee
To the MAN TGL
  • Large choice of variants
  • Individual body solutions
  • Tailor-made solution for your transport task
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The weight-saving, compact design of our MAN TN cab ensures payload advantages. The comfortable bed with slatted frame offers highly relaxing comfort.
TN cab – The Flexible
  • For payload-optimised special trucks such as silo and refrigerated trucks or vehicles for building materials
  • Compact design in normal height
  • Comfortable interior
  • Comfortable bed with slatted frame
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The MAN DN Crew cab offers space for up to seven people and is particularly suitable for craft businesses, municipal tasks and emergency services vehicles.
DN cab – The crew cab
  • For craft businesses, municipal tasks and emergency services vehicles
  • Four-door crew cab
  • Space for up to 7 people
  • Generous storage space
  • Dirt-resistant interior
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Our practical MAN NN cab is ideal for local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use.
NN cab – The practical
  • For local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use
  • Compact dimensions
  • Very comfortable step unit and easy cross-cab access
  • Storage space behind the seats
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Low step unit, easy cross-cab access and wide opening doors: The MAN CC cab is ideal for construction sites and distribution transport.
CC cab – The compact
  • Compact for local and distribution transport or construction sites
  • Very low step unit
  • Wide opening doors
  • Easy cross-cab access
  • Dirt-resistant interior
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Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic®
Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic
  • Individual starting and gearshift strategies for different purposes
  • Reduced fuel consumption with comfortable driving
  • MAN TipMatic gearbox control on the right-hand drop arm
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Hydrostatic front-wheel drive: MAN HydroDrive
Hydrostatic front-wheel drive: MAN HydroDrive
  • Increased traction and directional stability on difficult terrain
  • For vehicles with short-term traction requirements
  • Payload advantage of 400 to 750 kg compared to a common all-wheel drive
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GPS-assisted cruise control: MAN EfficientCruise with PredictiveDrive
GPS-assisted cruise control: MAN EfficientCruise with PredictiveDrive

  • Detects the topography of the route in advance
  • Calculates optimum speed and gearshift strategy for economical driving – especially before inclines
  • Minimises traction interruptions and helps to save fuel

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Active steering system MAN ComfortSteering
Electronically controlled steering system: MAN ComfortSteering
  • Adjusts the steering force to the respective driving situation
  • Supports manoeuvring by providing additional steering torque
  • Reduces the steering force for directional stability on the road
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MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Warns the driver in emergency braking situations
  • Stops the vehicle automatically in case of dangerous situations
  • Warns following traffic with Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS)
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MAN AttentionGuard
AttentionGuard: MAN AttentionGuard

  • Detects noticeable changes in steering behaviour
  • Warns the driver at signs of reduced attention
  • Helps to increase active safety

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MAN turn assist monitors the area which is difficult to see on the co-driver’s side.
MAN turn assist
  • Monitors areas difficult to see on the co-driver’s side
  • Warns early of dangerous situations whilst turning
  • 3-stage warning via LED bands in the A-pillar
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MAN BirdView: 360° camera system
360° camera system: MAN BirdView
  • Always keep an eye on the immediate surroundings of your vehicle thanks to 360° bird’s-eye view
  • Reduces risk when manoeuvring, shunting and turning
  • Optionally available with recorder for documentation of damages
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The digital mirror replacement system ensures an ideal overview: by offering a wider direct field of vision and by adapting the digital mirror views to the current driving situation.
Digital mirror replacement system: MAN OptiView
  • Digital exterior cameras replace the mirror arms
  • Extended field of view with minimised blind spots
  • Display views adapt to the driving situation
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